Good to Be Colonel, if Not King

Libya: Col. Gaddafi was last night thought to be hiding in a secret underground bunker – guarded by a 40-strong squad of gun-toting female virgin bodyguards.

The tyrant has not been seen in public since the first allied blitz on Saturday and UK Special Forces sources believe he has fled to Sabha, a desert city of 130,000 people all fiercely loyal to their leader.

As well as his famous female minders – who wear make-up and high-heels – Gaddafi is understood to have surrounded himself with blood-thirsty mercenaries from Chad, Niger and Eastern Europe to give him round-the-clock protection. — Mirror

Surrounded by 40 virgins in heels, makeup, and battle dress?  Sounds like Michael Jackson finally updated his fantasies.  He might NEVER resurface.

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4 Responses to Good to Be Colonel, if Not King

  1. Daffy K-Daffy says:

    أحب أن أكون هنا مع المرتزقة دمي عطشى والصدر كبير الحراس الشخصيين العذراء. هذا هو بارد جدا

  2. Ben Dover says:

    My travel agent says this is a great time to go. Prices are cheap and AK-47’s are free.

  3. Tourism Minister Ali Ka Baba says:

    Make your reservations here. We can’t wait to see ya. Shalom or something.

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