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Outraged over skyrocketing salaries, benefits, and pension payments to those lazy, government drone union socialists who have been holding taxpayers hostage for decades?  Here’s management’s response: Former county manager George Burgess, who stepped down Thursday, will get hundreds of thousands … Continue reading

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Little Cyster

In preparation for Saint Patrick’s Day, I had surgery.  Very minor stuff: a dermatologist removed a cyst from my shoulder, about a cm away from where he removed the same kind of cyst some years ago.  Seems like my body … Continue reading

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Von too thlee Von too thlee…

White people!  Take notice!  There’s money to be made in disability claims here! Beat-deafness is when your arms, legs and body can’t move in sync to music — and you can’t tell if another dancer isn’t in the groove, either. … Continue reading

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The Swami of Tsunami

Ever feel like you’re being played for the Ultimate Fool?  Check this out from the New York Daily News: Glenn Beck says Japan’s earthquake might be a “message” from God. “We can’t see the connections here,” he said on his … Continue reading

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Give the People What They Want

….or, “Mister President, tear down this war!” In an emotional speech on Saturday in the eastern city of Asadabad, in Kunar Province, Afghan president [Hamid Karzai] told relatives and neighbors of civilian victims that he sympathized with their plight. “With … Continue reading

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Comic Gilbert Gottfried has long made a great living from his often tasteless humor. On Monday, however, it cost him dearly. After delivering a stream of jokes on Twitter mocking Japan’s devastating earthquake and tsunami, Gottfried was dropped by the … Continue reading

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Real American Heroes

Every day you hear the same plaintive wail: Who’s leading America at this time of crisis in our country?  What has happened to our role models, people we can look up to, examples of strength and virtue for our youth? … Continue reading

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“Me As Al Jolson”

I’m speechless.  WTF doesn’t begin to do it justice. Photo Discovered of Adolph Hitler’s Lover Dressed As Black Man

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Two days have gone by since the ‘quake and wave, and Glenn Beck hasn’t blamed Obama yet.  The man is losing his edge.

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Friday Odds and Sods

It’s been a pretty heavy week, but now it’s Friday, so let’s lighten up.  Or, as we say in the grafix biz, “lighten op.” Actually, no we don’t. Actually, I’m not in the grafix biz. Actually. So.  First.  Here’s a … Continue reading

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