Seen It Comin’

Hollywood Blvd, between SR 441 and 56th.  Everything you need for a secure future on one city block.

Thanks, Tom!

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10 Responses to Seen It Comin’

  1. Al Coholic says:

    What the hell? My booze can read my mind or what’s left of it!

  2. Mister E says:

    I know just where that is, but I never saw it at night. (It’s a pretty good neighborhood to stay away from after dark.)

  3. boy barb says:

    Wow – this has to be the best place in Hollywood to buy my
    lotto tickets.

  4. Madame Zelda says:

    Why do you think I’d GIVE YOU. or anyone else the winning number?

    Get real.

    • Key Liam says:

      I think Boy Barb meant the liquor store, Madame Z. Unless psychics are selling lotto tickets now.

      • Madame Zelda says:

        Naturally I don’t sell them, I just know any winning number.

        I’m am rich beyond your imagination.

        Now, shoo. Go get a drink.

  5. Key Liam says:

    You’re full of crap, Madame Zelda. The first thing any sensible gypsy fortune teller does when she cashes a payday is stop working, and you’re still operating a “business” in a bad neighborhood next to a liquor store.

    Who’s going to the World Series this year? Will the NFL season be delayed? When will President Obama grow a set of cojonoes? How many roads must a man walk down before they call him a man? Hunh? Hunh? Hunh?

  6. Madame Zelda says:

    Dearest Key: My motivations have nothing to do with money. I continue to operate in this neighborhood to help those less fortunate than myself. I have a gift and must share it.

    As for your requests I shall be happy to answer them for $10,000,000. Simply send this modest sum via and all will be disclosed.

    Peace and wealth dear Key.
    Your humble servant.
    Madame Zelda.

  7. Dobie Gillis says:

    And now we know what happened to Zelda Gilroy. Zelda, you’re still a troll. * nose wrinkle *

  8. Madame Zelda says:

    Why are all people on this blog such ignorant bores.

    You have the wrong Zelda, Mr. Gillis.

    Sorry to break your heart, but your Zelda is now a member of the California State Legislature. Which makes her a TROLL by default.

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