Notary Pubic

So much of significance happened today — both ‘Crats and ‘Pubs are revolting (if you know what I mean) over the budget, deadly new developments in North Africa and Hypocristan (thanks, Kevin), the Japanese uncovered mutant glow-in-the-dark Mothra-like creatures just 22 miles from destroyed nuclear reactors, Mitney announced his intention to run for president weeks ahead of schedule “because if I don’t, Obama will have taken every position on all the issues I intended to run on for himself,” etc.

So I better switch gears and report on something more serious:

Oh, Etsy. What would we do without you?  If it weren’t for you, we might not be able to buy ourselves a pair of handmade pubic hair panties!

Yes, girls, even if you’ve waxed those pubes into oblivion, you can still rock the au naturel look whenever you want, simply by putting on these one-size-fits-most pubic hair thong panties!

Better yet, they’re only $15!  — thestir

Gentlemen: They double as fake beards, too, with a little custom tailoring and dried poontang on the cheeks.  And they’re available in different shades, too, but anything neon or sparkling and your beard will look phonier than a Glen Beck apology.

But clearly this is first and foremost for that special stylish lady whose idea of a good time is to surprise and delight her lover, especially if he’s one part werewolf, one part fetishist, and both parts divided down the middle by bipolar medication.  (Not sure what that means, but read it aloud for full effect.)

Fire engine red for my sweetie.  I’m just itching to get at them.

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3 Responses to Notary Pubic

  1. Ruh Roh says:

    Go back — what’s that about glow-in-the-dark Mothras in Japan? I didn’t see anything about this and Google searches come up empty.

  2. Mumblety Peg says:

    Men are such pigs.

  3. Kim Chee says:

    This is very silly. You might know, though, that among Japanese men items like this are very popular.

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