Finalist: Hate Mail of the Week

By the time you read this, she’ll be gone gone gone.

[Orange County, CA] GOP official Marilyn Davenport is coming under fire for sending other Republican officials an email depicting President Obama as a chimpanzee, in the arms of chimpanzee “parents,” claiming, “Now you know why– no birth certificate! [sic].” Davenport is sticking to her guns, blaming the media for making too much of a fuss.

California Republican chairman Michael Schroder…correctly posited: “no average person would send this out and feel comfortable with this, that this was just a joke.”  Then again, Schroder also notes Davenport doesn’t come into this embarrassment with a clean slate– among the people in Orange County Republican politics she has defended are an official who sent an email with an illustration of the White House covered in watermelons and an official who opposed the installation of grass near beaches on the point that “grass attracts Mexicans.” 

Nonetheless, Davenport said off-camera that she considered the email merely a “joke” and was confused as to why the media had blown the issue way out of proportion.  — Mediaite

Let’s begin with some very basic premises.  Is there anybody out there that doesn’t find this little stunt blatantly racist?  No, I didn’t think so, and yet, here’s Ms. Davenport — ‘Pub official and Teabagger activist — defending her antics:

 “Oh, come on! Everybody who knows me knows that I am not a racist. It was a joke. I have friends who are black!  Besides, I only sent it to a few people – mostly people I didn’t think would be upset by it.”  — myAuburn 

See, she has friends who are Black.  So she can’t be a racist.  She has friends.  Black ‘uns.  See?

I accept that there are people in this world who simply don’t get, won’t get it, and never will.  What troubles me is how so many members of the Clan of the Clueless manage to worm their way into positions of power and influence — suggesting , of course, that their numbers are ‘way larger than I’m comfortable with.

With regard to BHO and his wingnut opposition, it’s always been about race.  All the crap about socialism, the birth certificate, his Muslim father, Rev. Wright, etc. — strip that shit off and bare the race-hatred that gives it air to breathe and legs to run.  It was obvious from the outset and it’s obvious now.  Spare us the pious denials.

There are plenty of reasons to dislike the president and oppose his policies.  You don’t need to search too hard — ask any ‘Crat!  But the unique cowardice and loathsome approach favored by wingnuts like this exposes clearly their true motivation behind their steadfast resistance to Everything Obama: they’re simply not ready to accept a Black man as their leader, for the unavoidable, inconvenient fact that He Is Black.

And they never will.

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19 Responses to Finalist: Hate Mail of the Week

  1. ya' gotta' guessit' says:

    This is horseshit.

    Somewhere between monkey pictures, and the apparently unlimited amount of ass-fucking that Progressives and other lost souls will put up with from this president – a man who has failed on so MANY of his campaign promises – lies the truth.

    You’re spreading this vile tar with a wide brush, Squathole, so be sure to save a little for Barack’s “Typical White Person” of a granny.

    • Dawgbowl says:

      Isn’t that the point here? This administration came in with such high hopes and let so many people down, made so many missteps and bad decisions…….and the response from the right is stuck on simple-minded racism like this. This is from a party official, remember, not some stumblefuck with a shotgun at a political barbecue. Why don’t you rightwingers just admit it? You’ve got way too many haters among your ranks and all they do is foul your message and ruin whatever tiny credibility you claim.

    • Ruh Roh says:

      “spreading this vile tar with a wide brush.” Hee hee. How about that oaf Breitbart who wanders around the country trying to get impolitic or incriminating remarks from a Planned Parenthood and ACORN worker, edits the films to make them look even worse, and sends them viral to drum up national outrageous, thus condemning not the worker or two but the ENTIRE INDUSTRY? Now, THAT’S a “wide brush,” shorty. Hurts when it’s YOUR side, don’t it?

    • Frank of Oregon says:

      Why is this “horseshit?” Her own chairman doesn’t think so.

      “OC GOP Chairman Scott Baugh, however, said the email was “despicable.” He told the Associated Press that Davenport’s email “drips with racism and I think she should step down from the committee.”

      in the LA Times

      If I were a Republican in Orange County today, I’d quit the party and re-register Independent. There’s no way I’d want to be associated with characters like this in leadership positions. As it happens, I left the Democrats because of Clinton.

  2. Rick says:

    Perhaps you weren’t listening, ya gotta guessit. Dems have been doing more than their share of complaining for the last year, but the difference is that monkeys, witch doctors and skin color never seem to enter into it. Maybe that’s why folks like yourself seem to discount the seriousness of it.

    Not everyone with the Tea Party is a racist. But there is a disturbing component to this group that keeps popping up much too frequently. You can ignore it and pretend it isn’t there and you can even call it horseshit [which it is, of course], but it isn’t going away.


  3. He’s Black???? Dances like a white guy! Thanks for the info.

  4. Squathole says:

    Well, I’m wrong. She hasn’t quit yet, and refuses.

    In response to calls for her to quit her Tea Party and GOP lead­er­ship roles, Dav­en­port wrote to R. Scott Mox­ley at The OC Weekly, say­ing, “I’m sorry if my email offended any­one, I sim­ply found it amus­ing regard­ing the char­ac­ter of Obama and all the ques­tions sur­round­ing his ori­gin of birth. In no way did I even con­sider the fact he’s half-black when I sent out the email.” — [via]


    The same article was thoughtful enough to provide the picture she circulated showing the White House sitting in a watermelon patch. I guess she wasn’t “considering the fact” about his being “half-black” then, either.

  5. 'Nonymous says:

    Aren’t you the blogger who consistently refers to former President George W. Bush as “Monkey Boy”?

  6. Kim Chee says:

    In her defense, she says she sent it to only a few people, as though racism is somehow mitigated when it is whispered rather than shouted. In fact, hatred is silent, and if it is revealed only when expressed, it is just as loathsome under any circumstances.

  7. Yellow Rose of Texas says:

    Ms. Davenport is only half racist.

    B.O.’s mother was a “Typical White Person.” He’s only half-a-Black.

    I think that makes him a macaroon or something.

  8. J. Fred Muggs says:

    On behalf of “Chimp Nation” I am somewhat offended by this piece.

    However I say “Welcome Mr. President.”

  9. Yellow Rose of Texas says:

    I am not half assed, I am full assed!
    And, yet, I get this treatment:
    “Your comment is awaiting moderation.”


    • Squathole says:

      Your clever psuedonym alerted WordPress’s automatic spam filters. I took the liberty of making an adjustment. Moderates give me hives, too.

  10. Odtley says:

    there are some really ugly remarks in this thread which i guess sort of is to be expected because whenever people talk about race in this country they get all nasty brutish and short not to mention stupid real stupid especially because race is such a small part of what we are as human beings anyway.

    • Brown's Grandma says:

      Hey Oddly, Speaking of “stupid real stupid,” you might learn how to capitalize and not write run-on sentences.

      There are many courses in English composition, many free at community colleges.
      TRY ONE!

  11. KEVIN LEACH says:



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