Earth Day Musings

Ocala, FL — The suspected ringleader of a group arrested for allegedly luring a 15-year-old boy to a Florida home, shooting him several times, burning his body in a fire pit and putting the remains into paint cans, could face the death penalty if convicted, his attorney said Thursday.

Prosecutors say two females….lured [the victim] to the home, where he was beaten with a wooden object. He was then shot several times with a .22 caliber gun, authorities said.   As the wounded teen attempted to flee, he was tackled and shot again, according to the sheriff’s statement. His body was allegedly placed in a sleeping bag and burned in a fire pit outside the home.  His ashes were placed into several paint containers and thrown into a large garbage can, authorities said.

But defense attorney Charles Holloman added, “We are not admitting any guilt at this time.”  —

No, of course you’re “admitting nothing,” Counsel Chuck.  At least not until you see the DNA test results from those Finneran and Haley cans.  Ooops!  That’s when you get creative and find ways to defend the antics of murderous redneck cretins, spreading the blame for their psychopathic conduct as widely and as vaguely as you can get away with.  That, after all, is your job.

What really intrigues me, though, has nothing to do with lawyers being lawyers.  And it’s not the reported violence per se., although it certainly is an impressive display of brutality and cunning.

I’m astonished that kids this young can bond, plot, and execute as serious a plan of action as this without losing their resolve or commitment — all by themselves, without the wise if cloying counsel of a teacher, clergyman, mentor, or any other adult role model.

It calls into question just about everything I’ve ever seen written and heard about the need to provide guidance to youngsters.  All those vapid, overpaid wankers, sitting on soft set-couches as they earnestly present their findings about “mentoring” and “role models” and “lead by example;” rabbiting on to rapt, receptive audiences on the Orka Winfrey Show.  All those slippered PhDs and Dockered “Life Coaches” explaining how vital their intervention is to shape lost young minds.  Spare me!

Clearly that’s not the issue.  These little murdering thugs have no trouble at all making goals for themselves.  They have more motivation, determination, and planning skills than most CEOs, let alone university sophomores.  It’s not the how, it’s the what.  But the what is exactly what all these expert fuckheads DON’T address, and for damn good reason: they don’t know.

Cut to the chase: what is entirely missing is any sense of right and wrong.  Can you, dear readers, name somebody — anybody — you trust to address these fundamental building blocks of ethical conduct?  Of course not!  And when these concepts are as slurred over as they are today, when the world is dominated by clods, thieves, and self-promoting con men (you know who you are); when the wealth, power, and trappings of a high-on-the-hog lifestyle are adjudged worth whatever means it takes to achieve it, well, we’re gonna need a lot more paint cans.  Not to mention lawyers.

If that isn’t enough to create a groundswell of opposition, nothing is.

And nothing is.  We’re doomed.

Have a nice weekend.

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9 Responses to Earth Day Musings

  1. John Ensign, former US Senator says:

    “Cut to the chase: what is entirely missing is any sense of right and wrong.”

    Well stated, Sir. This is exactly the problem we confront not just in America, but worldwide. Right and wrong — the twin poles of Morality — no longer prevail as guiding principles to our everyday conduct. Believe me: I know about these things.

  2. Ted Larsen says:

    One of the sickest, saddest stories recently. Well written and I can’t find a single funny thing to say

    I’ll even sign my real name.

  3. KEVIN LEACH says:

    “murderous REDNECK cretins”

    As vile as these degenerates are, you had to resort to using racist hate speech to describe them.

    Were they of a different ethnic group or had a different skin hue other than red necks, would you have used a different hate slur?

    • Mister E says:

      This is an interesting question. I reread the story carefully and there’s no mention of ANY ethnic persuasion, victim, perps, or law enforcement. But even so, why do you think the term “redneck” is racist? I’ve worked and/or lived all over Florida — Pensacola, Tallahassee to Tampa, Miami, Ocala, Gainesville, Orlando, J-ville, Daytona — and I’m here to say I’ve met rednecks who are white, black, asian, native American, and Latino. It’s more of a lifestyle or a religion than a race.

      That humbly submitted, it sure sounds like this bunch was rednecks. Good ole Florida rednecks.

      • KEVIN LEACH says:

        Thank you, Mr. E for your thoughtful comment.

        My comment was more a sarcastic remark towards Mr. Squathole and his ilk. (We trade barbs regularly through e-mails as perverse entertainment.)
        My understanding of the original term “redneck” is it described hard working people who picked crops and suffered sunburn on the back of their necks as a “benefit” of their honest toil.

        The term has degenerated to mean worthless, ignorant people from the south. Of course, they would have to be “White” people to earn their red necks.

        Mr. Squathole and his ilk attempt to make American discourse “politically correct” and when they perceive any derogatory term they reflexively scream, “RACIST!!!”

        One example would be “illegal alien.” If you use the term or oppose criminals entering the United States (my home) in violation of our laws, the PC nitwits (not yet a recognized “race”) automatically deem you a “RACIST!”

        If you oppose the B.O. (Barack Obama) policies with thoughtful logic or sarcastic humor, it is because you are a “RACIST!” Even though B.O.s mother was, “a typical White woman.”

        So, “redneck” has devolved into a derogatory insult of a sort of definable American sub-culture (see: Jeff Foxworthy) and being PC you would have to hurl, “RACIST!” at the user of the term.

        Thanx again for listening and please feel free to respond and challenge and of my argument. I need to hear criticism to learn from my mistakes.

        Next we’ll discuss “Cracker”, its origins and uses.

        “There is only one race that matters…, the human race.” – Unknown

      • Dawgbowl says:

        BO. I like that.

        I hear criticism of BO that is very raqcist. I also hear criticism of BO that isn’t racist at all. When I hear or read statements like, “If you criticise BO you’re called a racist,” I;m forced to conclude that the statement conflates a whole barge of criticism. It’s perfectly okay to criticise the president for his weaknesses, poor economic policy, crappy PR, flip-flopping, etc. I do it regularly. It’s not okay to send photos of him around likening him to a momkey or putting the WH in a watermelon patch. That’s racism.

        Ditto “illegal alien.” There are genuine immigration issues — duh — but talk about wetbacks refusing to speak English and trying to take over “our” America stems from prejudice, the same prejudice my own family faced when my ancestors came over from Ireland, Italy, eastern Europe, and whatever cave they crawled out of (I’m thinking here of some of my hump-backed aunts who have more body hair than a grizzly. Bulgarians, maybe?)

        Happy Earth Day.

  4. Der Quote Meister says:

    Jeff Fox defines being redneck as possessing “a glorious lack of sophistication,”

  5. Lu Senz says:

    Dear Mr Leach:

    FWIW, I am personally acquainted with Squathole (believe it or not, his real name is even worse sounding), and I can assure you that he is the least “politically correct” person I have ever met. That’s what I like about him. Wha I don’t like is, he roots for the Phillies and the Eagles, not the Cubs and the Bears.

    Hey Squats — we’ll be at LRBs tonight for the late Phillies/Padres game and if you hang around until it’s over I’ll bet you 3 straight shots at Last Call the Phillies LOSE.

  6. Your Hairy Aunt says:

    Dear Nephew: You have disgraced, dishonored, and ruined my good name.

    I am not a camel, but have one as a pet. As for the “hair,” it’s a full body toupee.

    Aunt Fuchsyou

    (I’m thinking here of some of my hump-backed aunts who have more body hair than a grizzly. Bulgarians, maybe?)

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