President Sequel

Hilarious Update:

Republican leaders on Thursday slammed President Obama’s release of his detailed birth certificate as a distraction from the nation’s real concerns and attempted to point the finger at him for bringing heightened media attention to it. — Washington Post

Yep.  Carnival barkers.

🙂   🙂   🙂

Did everybody notice that the most famous birth certificate in the world lists the newborn as “Barack Hussein Obama II”?  Do you realize this makes the president a sequel?

Great stuff.  But check out the inevitable:

Within seconds of the most embarrassing presidential press conferences since Abraham Lincoln was forced to prove he was really dead by not breathing for 12 hours, the reaction on Twitter became the most interesting thing going. Everyone’s Twitter feeds had instantly been filled with a flurry of “certificate talk.”…..Some people were lamenting the time wasted, some were parsing President Obama’s words, and, amazingly, some already seemed to be questioning the document’s legitimacy. The amazing part, of course, isn’t that people were doing that. In fact, no one expects the certificate’s release to really change anything. The amazing part is who was questioning it. — Mediaite

The usual suspects: Drudge, Beck, Fox News.  Follow the link and see for yourself.

This answers my one and only question, which I gently put to every birther: “Hey shitheel!  Now don’t you feel like a gullible, smacked ass?”  They do not.  Facts, science, proof, etc., these pesky entities serve no purpose but to create barriers between themselves and what comforts them.  No wonder they idolize Sarah Palin.

I’m told there was a time when public humiliation was enough to send somebody into permanent invisibility.  After you clambered up on your hind legs and made a complete fool of yourself at the top of your voice, once exposed you’d be exiled like a deposed tyrant, banished into oblivion.  (Usually to France, but that’s another tale.)  Now, (a) many of these same hucksters are beyond shame (no need to cite Trump as Exhibit A, even before this), and (b) it just doesn’t seem to be a very big deal to be King of the Horses ‘Asses.  In fact, it’s a competition, and an honor to win.

If birthers can’t accept this simple, demonstrable fact even after it’s been demonstrated, how will they accept Global Warming, evolution, or the balk rule?  What hope is there that they’ll ever grasp the wisdom of birth control, the stupidly obvious fact that not every Muslim in the world is a crazed terrorist, or that reality teevee isn’t reality?

Why bother?  Most of them are ‘Pubs, Teabaggers, and garden variety wingnut conspiracy freaks, unwashed and unfit for recess.  We’re informed by people who study such phenomena that no matter how advanced the civilization is in general, a certain number will stay deep in their caves and high in their trees.  They only come out or come down to eat, procreate, ……and vote.

Aaah.  As a Floridian, I see the problem.

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7 Responses to President Sequel

  1. ya' gotta' guessit' says:

    It’s merely a question of very much *wanting* to believe something, Squathole.

    The Birthers *want* to believe that Obama is Kenyan, and those who will vote for him in 18 months *want* to believe that he’s not the lying, duplicitous sack of shit who has reneged on his most important campaign promises.

    • Dawgbowl says:

      Boy are YOU wrong. They didn’t just WANT to believe it. Some of them filed suit and pursued it all the way to SCOTUS, where it was thrown out with a scathing opinion. Some carried it to their state legislatures and passed new laws requiring anybody running for office to prove their citizenship. Others started “Impeach the Alien” campaigns. This isn’t just idle wishing for a rocket ship for Christmas (although that would be more mature), this is the deluded zealotry of the true believer.

      Are there still people out there who disbelieve it? You betcha.

      • ya' gotta' guessit' says:

        EXACTLY, dog-knot ! Good boy!…c’mere, and get your head scratched!

        You may, of course, mis-believe *anything* you wish, and a staunch adherence to the absurd transcends political boundaries – like Rosie O’Donnell’s stance on 9/11, Nancy Pelosi’s confidence in the attractiveness of low-slung tits, or even Squatty’s notion that championing Citizen Obama will somehow compensate for helping to elect George W. Bush (twice)!

  2. What will the conservative voters of Arizona talk about without their Grand Kenyan.

  3. Piles says:

    As usual, BHO played his cards wrong. Either he should have let them squabble and act like the imbeciles they are, or he should have challenged them to step out of the public limelight upon his production of the document. Make them into bigger fools and losers than they already are. It would be kind of like making Barry Bonds take a pis test and live by the results.

    Besides, I agree with you: a substantial percentage of birthers aren’t convinced anyway.

  4. Kate says:

    Forget all that…, WHAT ABOUT MY WEDDING?!

  5. Donnie "The Don" Trump says:

    I OWN FLORIDA. I speak the truth.

    Infidels such as yourself will be silenced and then crushed.

    My Birther Police have no mercy and know all of my enemies.

    You are #1. Opalbreast must DIE!

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