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Czech Mate

The first known “gay caveman” has been unearthed in a dig outside Prague, researchers believe. Archeological team members based their conclusion on the fact that the male body was interred in a ritualistic way reserved for females. “We know people … Continue reading

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Lasting Relationships

Sometimes it gets so weird around here there’s little more to do than point it out and invite smirks and shakes of the head.  Dateline Hollywood: [A] 20-year-old Miami woman has been charged with grand theft after she allegedly stole … Continue reading

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How to Deploy the F-Word in a Foodie Review

Good idea: cherry-flavored, wheat lager. Bad idea: marketing said lager as a “breakfast beer.”   [But[ some are criticizing a New Zealand brewery, called Moa, for touting their newest lager as a beverage to drink instead of champagne during a “champagne … Continue reading

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How To Flunk Terrorism and Win the War Anyway

Poison lipstick.  Handbag mirrors loaded with bacteriological weapons, to be used “by female agents against highly-placed persons in Allied occupied territory.”   Poison disguised as Bayer aspirins, capable of killing within 10 minutes.  Cigarettes that caused headaches, so the infiltrated agent … Continue reading

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The Doctor Will Seize You Now

We’re back from Florida’s west coast after a weekend built around a funeral.  The departed’s life was celebrated, his loved ones comforted and praised for their strength and composure, and his friends and family’s surviving members confirmed as partners in … Continue reading

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Guido and I are motoring over to Tampa for a funeral.  Her uncle — her father’s sister’s second husband — gave it up Thursday morning after a long downhill slide. This means her aunt will have buried 2 husbands, 2 … Continue reading

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