Toodeloo, Trelane

The actor William Campbell died (died).  I liked him years before I had any idea who he was — my first exposure to him was when I saw the movie Dementia 13 on some late-night teevee horror fest.  He kept popping up here and there, most notably on Star Trek as the irritating childlike sorcerer Trelane, then later as the Klingon captain in the famous Trouble with Tribbles episode.

Dead at 87,  his  acting career predeceased him by about 30 years.

Yes, he really did look something like Liberace.

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2 Responses to Toodeloo, Trelane

  1. Two great episodes of the original Star rek, not a bad legacy at all. I remember both well.

  2. Ruh Roh says:

    Dementia 13!! The swim scene in the castle pond. Heh. Yowza.

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