The Free Market

The employment picture is dismal.  Senior workers — the 50+ crowd — are out on the streets, unemployable, and prospects for recent college graduates, many of whom are buried under mountains of debt, are limited.  Now what?

Well, the Germans have an idea:

One in three university students in the German capital would consider sex work as a means to finance their education, a study from the Berlin Studies Center said on Wednesday.  The study found some 4% of the 3,200 Berlin students surveyed said they had already done some form of sex work, which includes prostitution, erotic dancing, and Internet shows.

“The main motivation of students to turn to prostitution were the financial incentives, namely the high hourly wages,” Eva Blumenschein, one of the study’s authors and a 26-year-old student at Berlin’s Humboldt University, told Reuters.

Thirty percent of students working in the sex industry were in debt, the study found.Reuters

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It remains mysterious to me that sexual prostitution is illegal while every other form imaginable — in business, academia, personal relations, politics, sales,  etc. —  isn’t only legal, but expected, and usually a necessary condition of success.   From that perspective, college kids behaving like prostitutes is just another form of internship, a practi-cum (no pun intended) for real life.

This doesn’t even address its economic impact.  In a depressed economy, any means to stimulate (!) spending, earning, and saving should be considered.  So what if your rainy day fund is a bit sticky?  Bring them off and bring it on!

German students are ahead of the curve here.  They grasp the fundamentals, and cut through the moralist miasma that has tut-tutted the pursuit of carnal pleasure since Adam’s first hard-on.  Sex is good, so start early, indulge often, and persist tenaciously.  If you can turn this pleasure into a profitable endeavor, god bless and perfect the art.  Extra credit from your thesis adviser.

Too late for me, dammit.  Back in college I’d have sold my bony ass for rent and gas to the highest bidder, which might have been in the 49-cent range.

Like the old joke.  Desperate for cash, the old man dresses up his ancient wife like a street walker and sends her out for sale.  Next morning she shows him her earnings: $41.05.  “What cheap bastard gave you a nickel?” he fumes.  “All of them” she answers.

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9 Responses to The Free Market

  1. When my wife went back to school as an adult, she told me that she’d work nights as a sex worker to pay her way through. I told her, “That’s stupid. Why don’t you do something you’re good at”.

  2. Fran G'Panni says:

    Dating amounts to prostitution, too. A sexual reward is returned for coctails and dinner, or drugs and a night in a club. It’s all a matter of perspective. In some ways, straight-out sex-for-cash is more honest.

    But hey, who wants honesty any more? That’s like so IRL.

  3. Neil, a Christian Soul says:

    Prostitution isn’t only a crime, it’s a sin, explicitly condemned in the Bible and prohibited by every organized system of religion on earth. Christians recognize the practice as an offense to the Lord, Your suggestions here and less-than-serious treatment amount to blasphemy. You’re going to hell.

    • Mr. Mirth says:

      Good girls go to heaven… Bad girls go everywhere!

      • A True Muslim Speaks says:

        We won’t have to be bothered by this Christian turd, Neil, a Christian Soul after Saturday.

        As for me I can’t wait for all of those virgins.

  4. A True Muslim Speaks says:

    I agree with Neil. In my religion we either stone them or blind them with acid.

    I enjoy doing both at the same time.

  5. Mr. Mirth says:

    Sailors came and salors went
    and the price went down to fifteen cent.

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