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Oooooooo Yayaaa-uuuuh……Oh, NO!

Randy “Macho Man” Savage suffered a heart attack while driving and was killed.  He was 58.  News Item Dammit — that’s two of my favorite sports heroes in one week.  Maybe the end of the world IS coming.

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Stairway to Heaven, Sponsored by Kool-Aid

I fully expect that after today I’ll lose a considerable number of readers, as so many will be off to heaven and eternal peace, leaving miserable sinners like myself behind to confront horrible deaths and the destruction of the earth. … Continue reading

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The Free Market

The employment picture is dismal.  Senior workers — the 50+ crowd — are out on the streets, unemployable, and prospects for recent college graduates, many of whom are buried under mountains of debt, are limited.  Now what? Well, the Germans … Continue reading

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No Lime, No Lesions

My dermatologist and I have an understanding.  He stops scolding me about staying out of the sun, I come in every 3 months and let him freeze off the pre-cancerous growths.  I stay black and beautiful, he bills the insurance … Continue reading

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Home Run Killebrew

Harmon Killebrew, one of my all-time favorite baseball players, died today, age 74.  Forearms of  steel and a cement glove. Nice obit in the NYTimes.

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Why Lose Face When You Can Lose Your Whole Head?

Another tragic twist in the Tenerife beheading story: Before the attack, Deyan Valentinov Deyanov asked a store owner for a large knife because, he said, “I’m going to kill someone.” But the shopkeeper didn’t report the threat to police. Deyanov … Continue reading

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A Philadelphia woman who said she was molested by an employee dressed as Donald Duck while at Walt Disney World in 2008 has settled her lawsuit with the theme park company. April Magolon sued Disney for more than $50,000 … … Continue reading

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