Update: No Tipping Allowed

Aaaah.  Must be the power of blogging.

LOS ANGELES — The primary backer of an effort to get a ban on circumcision on the ballot in Santa Monica is abandoning her push, saying the proposed legislation had been misrepresented as an effort to impinge on religious freedom.  — NY Times

California Boys: Your foreskins are safe!

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3 Responses to Update: No Tipping Allowed

  1. Paot says:

    As I commented before, I don’t believe this effort was one of prejudice aimed at Jews specifically, so I accept her explanation on its face. I’m also glad she dropped the effort, although it is clear that it will be revived, if not by this individual, then another.

  2. But I'm Not a Dick says:

    Of al the crazy things to create a national controversy — foreskins. If I were a dick, I’d be flattered.

  3. karla says:

    Actually, the foreskins are not safe — the ban would have added to their safety. 😉

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