Simons Says

Okay, it’s English.  I’m pretty good at English.  But I’m confused.

A sign that said “No Speak English, No Service” was taken down from a Lexington restaurant in North Carolina on Tuesday.

Greg Simons said he took down the sign from his restaurant, the Reedy Creek Family Diner, after being bombarded with complaints.  “We started getting threatening phone calls and people using colorful language if you will,” Simons said.

The sign said at the very bottom, “We only speak and understand American.” Besides American English, the “No Speak English, No Service” phrase was also translated into French, German, Russian and Spanish. — Fox News Latino,  March 16

End of story?  Just another idiot southern redneck too damn bigoted, brain dead, and provincial to grasp the concept of the American melting pot?  Who, like a braying jackass, had to be physically threatened before he learned how to behave?  Evidently not.  It’s North Carolina.  He’s among kindred souls.

Ever since Greg Simons put up a “No English, No Service” sign at the Reedy Creek Family Diner, located west of Lexington, North Carolina, he and his sign have received international attention. And this has been very good for business, claims Simons, with customers even requesting copies of the sign as souvenirs.  — Fox News Latino, May 24

Whoa.  What made him change his mind?

Chef Simons discovered that ignorance, small-mindedness,  and ethnic bias are very good for business.  You can sell a whole lot of coffee and grits with a free side dish of prejudice, especially when you wave Old Glory and call the English language “American.”

“Damn betcha,” says one loyal local customer, who gave his name as “Cap.”  (As in Oxycontin, presumably.)   “Ya wanna sit here, they not only make ya order it in ‘Mer’can, and pay ferrit in ‘Mer’can, ya better eat it in ‘Mer’can, too!”

Don’t this make y’all proud to be a ‘Mer’can?

Look, not every nook and cranny of the fruited plain needs to be an international crossroads peopled by cosmopolitan souls conducting themselves and their affairs as citizens of the world.

But no acre of America can claim moral standing to belittle, sneer, and disrespect the human inhabitants of this planet on the basis of their command of a handful of words to describe their breakfast preference.

Find some middle ground, won’t you?  A little kindness and respect go a long fucking way, and god knows we could all use some.  Especially at meal time.

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7 Responses to Simons Says

  1. The usual pack of idiots who think ‘going abroad’ means wearing a dress to a Halloween party. He’s right though, such antics usually are good for business.

  2. tlmedia says:

    Ok, so you expect a $5.00 an hour wait staff to be multilingual? Get real.

    There is a larger issues here. You can only be successful in the U.S. if you learn to speak English. It’s always been that way.

    Otherwise don’t expect to rise above the vaunted professions of a gardener or hotel maid.

    • Hose B says:

      “You can only be successful in the U.S. if you learn to speak English. It’s always been that way.”

      This is factually incorrect, and I have the family history to prove it. I have grandparents who spoke only Spanish and indigenous Caribbean dialect who arrived in Hialeah, FL after WW2. They set up a coffee stand serving mostly other Spanish speaking locals and did well enough that they opened a full-service restaurant 3 years later, then expanded that into an informal franchise. They never learned English, conducted all their affairs in Spanish, attended Spanish-speaking iglesia, saw Spanish-speaking medicos, and had their will prepared by Spanish speaking abogados. By any measure of American culture they were highly successful. All of their children and grandchildren are at least bilingual.

      Their story is hardly unique in south Florida. Perhaps timedia has never ventured into an international community such as ours, and draws his false conclusions from behind the blinders he wears.

      As for bilingual minimum wage workers, we have many of these here as well — too many. Not because of their language skills, but because of the low rate of payment.

      • tlmedia says:

        I have no argument with what your are saying if you wish to stay within your
        I agree with you completely

        If foreigners wish to only serve their own ethnic community and not reach beyond that’s fine.

        The Russians in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn have done well catering to their own people for many years.

        However if you wish to expand you must learn English. I’ve been a part of the “International Community” many times and when in France or Germany do my best to communicate in the indigenous language (though poorly). It’s appreciated

        My father was an immigrant and landed at Ellis Island not knowing a word of English. He couldn’t wait to master it and was quite successful in business.

        It realize the offspring of foreigners become bilingual. That’s great.

  3. Red White & Blue says:

    Why do you hate America?

  4. You May Call Me Pierre says:

    It is always amusing to see Americans, who among industrial first-world nations are the least literate and most limited in language skills, debate this issue. In Europe, those who know but one language are properly pitied and disparaged as uncultured and poorly educated. The French understand also that the one who speaks no French is not a human being.

    • Odtley says:

      pierre is pretty obnoxious even if hes right which im not saying he is but even if he was the point isnt how europeans speak many languages after all there are many different countries and languages jammed on top of each other much like we have states here in america which all speak one language mostly but that even here we shouldnt turn people away just because theyre having trouble with english no we should be open to everybody and besides isn’t this guy in business and needs customers not enemies.

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