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Sunday Funnies

“Follow me on Tweeter!” — Texas Governor Rick Perry, via video, to “Right Online,” a gathering of conservative digerati activists meeting in Minneapolis. What’s more impressive — that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about, or that his professional handlers … Continue reading

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Me and Teh Innerwebs ….

….are not getting along today.  Please stand by. (I’m thinking it’s a hardware problem, but I’m not paid to think.  Actually, I’m not paid at all these days.)

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Beg Borrow and Teal

Dear Readers: Thanks for dropping by.  You arrive here in anticipation of (select one or more) snark, adolescent humor, bad language, oddly insightful (if nasty) commentary, cheap laffs.  I understand, and I’m grateful.The trouble (today) is, the Phillies/Marlins doubleheader ran … Continue reading

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Torture Chamber of Commerce

Good soldier that I am, I arise at Oh-Dark-Hundred to prepare myself for a Tuesday morning  appearance at a local chamber of commerce, an evil coven of community, business, and government “leaders” whose idea of virtue and a good time … Continue reading

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Serious Lee McDonalds

I dunno whether to laugh or cry or eat a banana. Over the weekend, [this photo] circulated widely on the internet….Many internet users retweeted the photo, using the words “Seriously McDonald’s,” to express their disapproval of the burger chain. In … Continue reading

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That’s “Flag” with an El

June is busting out all over, and it’s Gay Pride Month!  Happy Rainbow! In response to requests from its numerous gay employees, and to affirm its support for America the Historically Diverse, the Federal Reserve Bank in Richmond, VA, unfurled … Continue reading

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Ace of Cads Dealt a Setback

Four years ago I spotted this article and had myself a snarky laugh. Anthony Cutaia, who advised his radio and TV show fans on how to build wealth and handle mortgages, is seeking protection from his creditors in West Palm … Continue reading

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Update: No Tipping Allowed

Aaaah.  Must be the power of blogging. LOS ANGELES — The primary backer of an effort to get a ban on circumcision on the ballot in Santa Monica is abandoning her push, saying the proposed legislation had been misrepresented as … Continue reading

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Boneyard Boning

It seems an intimate moment in a New Jersey cemetery was spoiled earlier this week by a falling tombstone. Capt. James Stevens of the Hamilton Township police tells the [Newark] Star-Ledger that a sunset encounter was rudely interrupted just before … Continue reading

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No Tipping Allowed

An activist group in California wants to put an end to circumcision. Last month, the group collected the more than 7,100 signatures needed to get a measure on the fall ballot that would make it illegal to snip the foreskin … Continue reading

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