Counting On Your Late and Illegal Support

I received the following email Thursday, 6/30/11, at 9:10 am:

Message from Carlos Gimenez (#19):

Dear Friends,

We’ve come a long way in the past three months – with our commitment to do away with government waste, fraud and corruption in exchange for lower taxes, integrity and reform.

From Aventura to Homestead and Doral to Miami Beach, voters tell me they are fed up with political doublespeak. They are tired of the disconnect between career politicians and the people they are supposed to serve. They are eager to move beyond bullying bureaucrats and into a new era of honesty, integrity and transparent leadership.

I have a vision for the future of Miami-Dade County: We  can reclaim our government, we can conquer the chaos, we will emerge stronger and better, we will restore our community. Our time is now.

Every vote counts!! I humbly ask that you make yours count for me so that as County Mayor, I can root out government waste, fraud and corruption.

Polls open tomorrow countywide from 7AM to 7PM. Voters can find their assigned polling place by calling 3-1-1 or visiting the Elections Department website.

Let’s stand together for a better tomorrow.

Respectfully yours,

Carlos A. Gimenez

Vote #19


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The sender was listed as “Team Gimenez,” the subject “Stand With Me and Fight For Our Future.”

Leave aside the peculiar fact that this email arrived over 24 hours after the polls closed.  How about that I’m a resident of and registered voter in Broward County?  Well, like he says, “Every Vote Counts!”

Excellent beginning, Mr. Mayor, revealing your organizational skills and judgment in your selection of leaders for your administration.

I dashed off a reply to that effect, but so far, no reply.  Maybe next week.

[picture creditSay, maybe I have the wrong Carlos Gimenez?

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4 Responses to Counting On Your Late and Illegal Support

  1. Jose Gimenez says:

    My name is……

  2. Old Timer says:

    Heh heh. I get that. Somebody out there is as old a fart as I am.

  3. Tomas Regalado says:

    Oh lighten up. Anybody can make a mistake. Will you just take this “severance pay” check for $200,000 and go away?

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