Hizzoner da Mare? or Just da Ass?

I posted this little jab last Friday, then sent a note to Team Gimenez suggesting they clean up their act.  That note was ignored, of course.  Today I open my email to Round 2.   Team Gimenez, which sent this Broward voter encouragement to vote in Miami-Dade County a day and a half after the polls closed, is proving tenacious.  Today — July Fourth! — they celebrate American tradition by reminding me how important it is for me to go back in time and vote illegally:

Dear Friends,

Thank You for your continued support.

We need you now! Today is Election Day and polls remain open until 7pm.

Now, more than ever, it is imperative to go out and vote.

If have you haven’t done so already, we ask you, our most valued supporters, to help us get the “vote” out:

  • Please contact – email, phone, text – your friends, family, neighbors, and associates to vote for  Carlos Gimenez
  • Change your Facebook profile picture to our campaign logo
  • Please like the Gimenez for Mayor page on Facebook,  tell others how they too can support Carlos  Gimenez

We cannot do this without your support. Please act now!

This is a very close election, and only a few votes can decide the outcome.

Between now and 7pm we urge you to go to the polls and cast your ballot for honesty, integrity and ethics – values Carlos hasupheld his entire life.

Your vote is your most valuable weapon against government waste, fraud and corruption.  

Team Gimenez


Sent from Team Gimenez, Political advertisement paid for and approved by Carlos Gimenez for Miami Dade County Mayor.

There is also a “partial list of endorsements,” which includes Eyeonmiami and randompixels, two blogs to which Obalesque links.   Maybe one of these blessings-giving bloggers will use their approving influence to let their man know what an asshat his people are making him look like.

Bloggingblackmiami is listed twice because Gimenez wants people to know how supportive he is of people traditionally despised by Miami’s conservative Latin Republican power base (except when there’s votes to be mined).

Meanwhile, I’m still shaking my head over his recommendation that I change my facebook profile picture to his campaign logo.  What’s next —  a tattoo on my ass?

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4 Responses to Hizzoner da Mare? or Just da Ass?

  1. Anastaisa Beeverhausen says:

    I love it when folks introduce Chicago political names into their local, political vernacular. Bravo on the “Hizzoner.”

  2. Anonymous says:

    Why don’t you link to bloggingblackmiami? Not gay enough for you?

    • Squathole says:

      Actually, Anonymous, until now I wasn’t aware of that particular blog, but now that I am, and having reviewed some posts, I added it the blogroll. While it remains to be seen how gay it is, what should be abundantly clear from the outset that I don’t give a damn. Do you?

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