Move Along — Nothing To See Here, Folks

The only thing that amazes me about this Casey Anthony business is the sheer number of people who say they give a shit, some of whom apparently trooped in from all over the globe, surrendering vacations, to stand outside the courthouse and “give support” to the dead baby.

I’m tempted to scream “Get a life” at them, but it’s just as too late for them to do that as it is for Baby Duct Tape.

Go back to where you came from, folks, and mind your own damn business.  I’m certain you can find something sufficiently gory and outrageous in your own back yards to satiate your morbid tastes and prying personalities.  This is America, and there are horror shows in every community.  Indulge yourselves in your local culture.

Meanwhile, in Jacksonville, the dead have come to life.

Also locally, here’s a great snack-making invention.  Just smuggle in your own lettuce, tomato, mayo, and toast for a quick “Bathroom BLT!”

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7 Responses to Move Along — Nothing To See Here, Folks

  1. Marcia Clark says:

    Very bad prosecution, and I know it when I see it.

  2. Kim Chee says:

    My favorite factoid about the trial is that she got herself a “Bella Vita” tattoo after the child disappeared. I know: this isn’t proof of anything evil, just a twisted and sick. But as has been noted and demonstrated many times, there’s no qualifying examination for parenthood.

  3. Beardsley says:

    If you want a truly chilling image, go back and read commentary from people who traveled thousands of miles to stand in line for a courtroom seat. They said things like, “I feel like she (the deceased) was part of my family,” and “I want to see justice done,” and maybe the best — “She’s the worst person in America and if she’s not found guilty there will be riots everywhere.”

    This isn’t just about people without lives, this is some crackpot phenomenon about mob-think and followers that deserves serious attention by psychologists. How do complete strangers, reading scant accounts of arcane legal matters, convince themselves so thoroughly of such bogus emotional nonsense?

    Too, now that it’s all over and they’re just plain wrong, what do they believe — do they walk away chastened, even wiser, now that they’ve seen the mistake they made? Or do they believe they were right and the system failed? I fear the latter is more likely.

  4. You May Call Me Pierre says:

    Don’t forget that the innocent defendant spent almost 3 years in prison awaiting trial, only to be released. Locked up for 3 years for doing — nothing.

    Add this to the outrrageous manner in which Dominique Strauss-Kahn has been handled by the media and law enforcement animals in New York.

    Great system you have here, colonial savages.

  5. Odtley says:

    its funny because ive looked at those hand dryers many times and it really does look like bacon although i never thought if it until i saw it now

  6. lois terms says:

    Nobody would’ve paid much attention except the kid is photogenic. Oh and white.

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