Fire In the Hole

If you haven’t been following the sordid saga of the decline, disgrace,  and delamination of Rupert Murdoch’s media empire, you’ve missed the single most significant media story in this still-young century.  Google “News of the World” and sit back.  So far, not only Murdoch himself has been reduced to sniveling, but two of his top corporate people, the knighted leader of Scotland Yard, and the British prime minister have been humiliated.  Here 

Thanks to this scandal, the Times Of London,  which is to Great Britain  what the New York Times is to America, has been thoroughly embarrassed, as well as the scandal-mongering tabloid News of the World.   And it’s  only just started.  Murdoch’s shit-stained paws are all over the Wall Street Journal and FAUX News, too.  It just might be the end of an eras.

And good riddance, because what we’re learning is that the complex conspiracy of silence purchased with Murdoch’s money binding the tabloids, politicians, and police at the highest levels ensured a measure of corruption protected by a conspiracy of silence, the absolute enemy of a free citizenry.   If these puke and garbage had their way, Great Britain would be little more than another banana republic, minus the tarantulas.   The 8-legged ones, anyway.

(Damn. That’s good prose.  Post of the month material, right Rick?)

As an Anglophobe this thrills me no end, but the real wrinkle-eradicator is the appearance of Rebekah Brooks, until last week Murdoch’s champion and lightning rod.  Not a single news article in the last month has neglected to mention her fabulous mane of red hair, gloriously  topping her Charlie Brown round head and framing her masculine face.  Look!

There is scarcely a story about her in the British press that does not dwell on her magnificent mane. The tabloids refer to her unfailingly as a “flame-haired temptress”; the broadsheets—the more up-market newspapers that affect a disdain for the tabs—as “Titian-tressed” or “Pre-Raphaelite.”–Newsweek

This is precisely right: those of us smitten with the fetish  of the rose are ass over teacup in love with her,  fully aware that she is evil incarnate.  No good scandal worth its salt exists without a Leading Lady and Our Ms. Brooks is a clean-up batting game-changer.  She proudly puts the Me in Media.

The tentacles of the scandal have spread across the pond: the FBI is intrigued, and editors of the Murdoch-owned Wall Street Journal are already instructing their flaks to find a way to blame Obama, Democrats, and socialists for their troubles.

Tune in,folks.  You’ll not see a show like this again.

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6 Responses to Fire In the Hole

  1. Beardsley says:

    Not surprisngly, the American media’s response to all this (with the notable exception of the New York Times) is somewhat muted, which once again reveals the outsized influence of FOX and conservative politics. Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal ran a truly nauseating whitewash interview last week that read like a public relations puff piece, and FOX News doesn’t even have the muster to flash photos of your redhead.

    What “liberal media” again?

  2. Mumblety Peg says:

    Men are such pigs.

  3. Ruh Roh says:

    She’s no more “evil incarnate” than Rupert Murdoch, the guy she works for. No less, either.

  4. 60s Radical says:

    I can hardly wait for the movie!

  5. Hose B says:

    She’s as hot as my ass after eating jalapenos in vinegar. Not nearly as cute though.

  6. Joe Balls says:

    I watched as she testified today. She didn’t look as bad as the photos, but she didn’t look as good as she does in the picture you posted. But no matter what she looks like, she’s one nasty scary backstabbing lying power-crazed piece of work.

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