Act 2

Yo, South Florida!  I bet you think we’re done with Casey Anthony, and can move on to the next brainless obsession  certain to embarrass the population on an international scale, right?


Organizers of the Lexington Lions Club Bluegrass Fair in Kentucky sent out a fictitious news release on Monday announcing that Ms. Anthony had been found in their state. They then hired a look-alike and stationed her at a dunk tank booth at the fair.

Robin Turner, president of Fair Office, the company that produces the fair, said he agreed to remove the booth on Tuesday once it began receiving negative media attention. But he said everyone in attendance seemed to enjoy the gag.

“The look-alike was great, making comments to the crowd in a good and clean way, you know, ‘You throw like a prosecutor,’ ” Mr. Turner said. “She did an excellent job.”  — NYTimes

Other reports have her selecting a state where she can attend law school.  That’s right, she said she wanted to become a lawyer.  Given her on-the-record contempt for the law and disregard for facts (let alone her apparent immunity to morality), who doubts this is the perfect profession for her?

Did I mention I don’t care?  There’s bigger fish to fry, and this whole freak circus did nothing but inflame the passions of people who badly need lives of their own.  I don’t give a damn where she winds up, just so long as she stays off the front page.  She can move next door for all I care, just so long as she doesn’t poison my cats.

Now that I think about it, that young lady who knocked on the door an hour ago to borrow a cup of duct tape looked kind of familiar……

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3 Responses to Act 2

  1. Jack the Ripper says:

    She seems like such a sweet young thing, too. She could be MY neighbor.

  2. Mickey Mouse says:

    Casey has ears just like mine!

  3. "Esq." A Lawyer says:

    Welcome to the bandwagon taking cheap shots at lawyers.

    I really doubt that report which sounds like more media-concocted gasoline for the fire. As for Ms Anthoney’s future, while it’s nobody’s business but hers, who doubts that she there are additional headlines in her future, frustrating your wishes, as she inevitably strays across yet another line on the poorly-designed trajectory guiding her life so far?

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