Going Down to Raise Funds

A month after Daniel Fogel resigned as president of the University of Vermont, a top school fundraiser has also left amid an investigation into his affair with Fogel’s wife…. [Michael] Schultz, who earned a doctorate after writing a dissertation on the proper role of a university president’s spouse, had received numerous highly personal communications from Kahn-Fogel, over several years, according to the review.

The school’s board of trustees conducted a review of the relationship between Schultz and Rachel Kahn-Fogel, the president’s wife and a volunteer in the fundraising office……Kahn-Fogel’s conduct was “clearly inappropriate and imprudent” but did not violate state laws or school policies, according to a copy of the review released on Wednesday.

The review also found no wrong-doing in Schultz earning his doctorate with the university-approved dissertation “Elucidating the Role of the University CEO’s Spouse in Development, Alumni Relations, and Fundraising.” —Reuters

Who – hoo.  That Doctor Was In.

I can’t stop laughing.  I’m also a bit jealous.  Having worked in non-profit endeavor my entire career, I never tried this approach to motivate volunteers.  In fact, I usually ended up paying them. Which means they aren’t really “volunteers,” but something quite different, doesn’t it.  But enough about me and my work in organized religion.

The best part of this is the dissertation he wrote “on the proper role of a university president’s spouse.”   Can you imagine the hilarity he went into working on that, still limp and sticky from his research?  As for that mouthful of a title, “Elucidating the Role of the University CEO’s Spouse in Development, Alumni Relations, and Fundraising,”  the English Department should bestow an honor for the creative twist on the term, “elucidating.”

So now the university is without its president and vice president for development.  (They’re also short one highly trained volunteer.)  Academic life will steady on undisturbed, I’m sure, and in the fundraising profession, perhaps Mr. Schultz’s thesis will become the basis for new policy and guidelines.  I can’t wait for the next convention, when they set up booths promoting Viagra and sex toys next to the dweebs and techies with their donor tracking and planned giving software.

Say — maybe those folks selling the yellow ducky fundraising packages were on to something I’ve missed all these years.  Kink city.

Hey, if I don’t post anything else until Monday, I apologize in advance for leaving the President’s wife up there over the weekend.

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4 Responses to Going Down to Raise Funds

  1. Education Talk Radio says:

    “Fund raiser??? I thought he said “Fun Raiser”, said Mrs Fogel.

    “Raise her she said and raise her I did and I don’t work there anymore”, Mike Schultz, job hunter.

    Hunter she said and hunter….oh never mind.

  2. julesagray says:

    Fundraiser? I don’t even know her.

  3. Joe Balls says:

    Yikes. This is what he took on in the line of duty? I think he deserves a medal. Or at least a flag so he can cover her face with it.

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