A Monthly Teachable Moment

NEW DELHI — India’s leading anti-corruption campaigner prepared to leave prison after winning an assurance from the government on Thursday that he could continue his widely watched hunger strike and burgeoning protest against official graft at a park in central Delhi for at least 15 days. — Washington Post

So because he royally honked off the filthy corrupt plutocrats that have infested the “World’s Largest Democracy” since the British sucked it dry and left if for dead, he gets to starve in a park instead of rot in a jail.

Still, there’s a valuable lesson here.  This choice of punishment should be offered to any number of convicts in the US, specifically corrupt elected officials, bankers and financial agents, and of course, anybody convicted of multiple violent crimes.  Instead of ArtsParks we could have StarveParks with areas for large steel cages to house the condemned.  (I can see the sign: DO NOT FEED THE CRIMINALS.)

For lesser crimes, I favor the return of public flogging, which would serve not only as a fitting punishment and deterrent (for most: some might enjoy it too much), but also splendid entertainment.  Make it a monthly event (like menstruation), perfect on a Sunday afternoon right after families return from church.  What the hell — it’s less violent and more educational than football.

I’d also arrange for food trucks, beer sales, and other vendors to appear on site, along with school counselors and representatives from the Police Athletic League, YMCA, Boys and Girls Clubs, etc.   What a wonderful recruitment opportunity.  A monthly teachable moment.

I’m such an idealist.  It’ll never happen.

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4 Responses to A Monthly Teachable Moment

  1. I see you are trying to curry my favor.

    I hate curry, why the hell do you think I’m on a hunger strike!


  2. * rim shot * says:

    How can he try to starve himself in a place called New Deli?

  3. Merkin Way says:

    Now you’re talkin.

    In addition to the whipping post I’d install a firing squad for selected customers. Pick the squad by lottery, but the only eligible gunmen are those with permits who have completed a course in gun safety. I’d also invite the local NRA to set up a table to promote responsible weapons ownership.

    Once again we’d be the envy of the western world.

  4. Rodney King says:

    You people are sick. Violence just leads to more violence. Whay can’t we all just get along?

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