What’s With the Bald Chick?

Sinead O’Connor, the Irish singer, went live on her website and through her Twitter account, lamenting that she is desperate for sex and listing the characteristics she is seeking in a new mate.

Bemoaning the fact that she is in “the peak of my sexual prime and way too lovely to be living like a nun,” the three times married O’Connor, who also once announced that she is a lesbian, has attracted a lot of attention due to her strange list.

Some of her more unusual demands include:

    No hair dye.

    No younger than 44

    Must not be named Brian or Nigel.

    I like me a hairy man so buffed and/or waxed need not apply.

    Must be very ‘snuggly’. Not just wham-bam.

    Must be wham-bam.

    Must have a sweet heart and a filthy mind.

Bookies have opened a two pronged market, one on O’Connor’s next boyfriend, and the other on what she would do on the Late Late Show if she appeared there.  — gamblingkingz.com

I never “got” Sinead O’Conner, not her art, not her act, not her look, and certainly not her strange pronouncements.  I don’t get this, either.

But, very much like Snooki, there is a train-wreck fascination factor here I have trouble resisting.  That the world’s bookies have lined up behind her latest odd maneuver suggests I’m not alone in this.


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4 Responses to What’s With the Bald Chick?

  1. julesagray says:

    I do a dead Yul Brynner before I’d switch sides and diddle Sinead.
    Great post, Hoss. ❤

  2. Lois Terms says:

    OMG that’s funny.

  3. odtley says:

    yknow i looked at the picture there and for the first time ever i finally saw where maybe sinead oconner isn’t as hideous as i always found her to be and then i realized thats not her and in fact thats not even a woman but i admit his bald head is sexier than hers ever was.

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