Ten Years After

With regard to 911, The first thing I did today was hang out an American flag.  That seems appropriate.

The second thing is right here: Congratulations to the Miami Hurled for finally, after ten stinking years, making the adjustment in its print version so that “9/11” appears in full size rather than  9/11, something I never understood but always found infuriating.  That it has taken an entire decade for that pack of droolers to fix this typographical mutation that unconscionably Plutoed the event with every mention  exemplifies the dilution of journalistic professionalism nobody seems to care much about, but on the positive side, they finally got it right.    Whoopee  screw.

Also in local news, while New York City and other genuine metropolitan areas throughout the country go on high alert in response to “credible” reports of planned terrorist activity, Miami fires its police chief and engages in internecine warfare.   Now, that’s leadership.  Talk about professionalism, concern for the populace, and ordering one’s priorities.

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One Response to Ten Years After

  1. Merkin Way says:

    There’s no danger today — terrorists around the world understand that the self-inflicted fear, hatred, and craziness we Americans will go through is all the terror they need to inspire.

    As for Miami, what self-respecting terrorist would even bother? They take their work seriously, and destorying Miami wouldn’t achieve a damn thing. Besides, they know the chest-pounding apes in charge down here do enough damage to themselves to satisfy any terrorist agenda.

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