On The Road But Under The Bus

Jon M. Huntsman Jr. is moving his presidential campaign headquarters to New Hampshire from Florida, aides said Thursday, a decision that underscores that his path to the nomination is wholly dependent on trying to score an upset in the nation’s first primary.

The Huntsman campaign has been focusing intensively on New Hampshire for weeks, all but abandoning the three-state strategy that once included South Carolina and Florida. But the decision to close the Orlando office and relocate the staff to Manchester signals a new sense of urgency and is part of what one adviser characterized as a “course correction.”  — NYTimes

Memo to the Huntsman campaign:  Insofar as you’re not going anywhere, it really doesn’t matter where you are, let alone where you start.

Huntsman is ‘way too sensible, pragmatic, and reality-oriented to appeal to ‘Pubs of this era.  He’s the un-candidate: un-udeological, un-fanatical, un-consumed by the lunatic vision that holds his party in drooling thrall.  In fact, the only gross error in judgment he made so far is thinking he has a chance to win.

That, too, will change, and quite soon.

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2 Responses to On The Road But Under The Bus

  1. NicFitKid says:

    Forget Huntsman, when is Christie going to get off his ass and start his presidential run (okay, maybe a fast walk)?

    Even freak shows need some variety.

    • Squathole says:

      I can see Christie’s campaign literature now: Porcine For President! In his own way, Christie is as ill-equipped for national office and prime time as that swaggering loudmouth from Texas. (No, the other one.) Then again, we’re American voters and we don’t care about credentials or experience — look at Obama. We just like a good show.

      Phillies in 3. Maybe 2, if LaRussa throws a tantrum and forfeits.

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