Violation in Beaver Township

Ever hear the expression, “He never stole a freight train”?

Benjamin Arthur Jones, 24, and Alexander Williams Jones, 25, both of New Castle, Pennsylvania, are accused of breaking up the 50-foot steel Covert’s Crossing bridge with a blowtorch and selling 15-and-a-half tons of it as scrap metal.

According to police, Alexander had told a recycling company that he had permission to dismantle and sell the privately-owned bridge, but the company became suspicious and alerted the cops.

The bridge…was in a wooded area about 60 miles northeast of Pittsburgh and was estimated to cost $100,000 . —

More ambition than brains.  And you really gotta admire the work ethic.

Metal theft is on the rise nationally.  Scrap metal prices have never been higher.  Foreclosed homes, which are everywhere, have led to spiked theft of copper wiring.  Big cities report missing manhole covers — have you ever tried to lift one of these?  It’s like trying to bench press Gov. Christie.  Even train rails have been stolen.

Who says American ingenuity is dead?  When times get tough, the crime gets creative.

If the cops don’t keep an eye on these two entrepreneurs, they’ll have their handcuffs sold off to the highest bidder before the paddy wagon pulls up to the hoosegow.  Hell — they may negotiate a deal for the bars of their cell.  It’s hard times in places named Beaver.

Meanwhile, there’s a Creek somewhere with a bridge out.  That sort of explains the photo.

PS  Thanks to everybody who visited the blog on Sunday, mostly to read Friday’s post (“It’s In The Bag”).  Right about 1,200 hits, about 10 times what I usually see on a Sunday, when I rarely post.

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4 Responses to Violation in Beaver Township

  1. Ted End says:

    I don’t think that man looks like a Creek Indian and besides, the Creeks didn’t live in what is now Pennsylavnia anyway, and I’m pretty sure they didn’t build metal bridges. So I don’t get it..

  2. Robert says:

    Necessity is the mother of invention!

  3. Odtley says:

    i spent a little well not so little time in places where they put people who were considered dangerous to themselves and others and lots of those people took some strange drug combinations and other shit like shoe polish or mouthwash and floor cleaners which resulted in having teeth or no teeth really just like that guy in fact for a minute there i thought i knew him but i dont because come to think of it hes probably dead for a while now still it was sort of nice to see him again sort of

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