Pawd cassed

A local on-and-off blogger of some notoriety repute has convinced me to embark on an experiment that is contrary to my every impulse and instinct by correctly pointing out, “Yeah, but at first you felt the same way about blogging, too.”

Hear the word “dickhead” lingering unspoken between the” yeah” and the ”but?”

So here it is: his link to “On The Fence,” a series of podcasts we’re trying.  I just Skype in:  Alesh does the technical work as well as whatever cutting and editing is required although I understand that these need to be kept to a minimum to preserve the spontaneity and unadulterated-ness of both content and ambiance.  Or some such shit.

I keep insisting that we are neither expert nor interesting enough on any topic imaginable that anybody else would waste time listening. Like my cats, even I don’t even listen to myself most of the time.   Furthermore, neither one of us has anything like a pleasing radio voice that can engage just on its tone and cadence.

To all these objections he insists I don’t know what I’m talking  about.

That’s precisely my point! I reply.

So we’ll try this, and I’ll link it, and if you’re so moved you can listen and comment.

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1 Response to Pawd cassed

  1. Lu Senz says:

    The only real difference between this conversation and the hundreds I’ve heard (and had) with you at LRBs is the background noise and the slurred words. You make as much or as little sense as always.

    And thanks for telling me you wanted the Cards to lose. That prompted me to back them. I owe you a beer.

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