Red White and Blooze

Happy Veterans Day, everyone.

This is a good day to refresh your sense of outrage at the way this country treats its veterans.   Please have a look at this story about dumping veterans’ remains in a landfill without informing families, and place it along with the recent Walter Reed Hospital scandal,  and the business with veterans contracting HIV at VA facilities as a result of unsterilized colonoscopy equipment, and whatever anecdotal or personal evidence you encounter when you meet homeless veterans whose PTSD has gone either ineffectually treated or untreated completely.

Unlike many members of my family, I’m not a veteran myself, but these stories sicken me.  This how the United States honors its veterans and expresses gratitude for their sacrifice.  Perhaps even worse, consider that as further evidence of sincere devotion, the system’s stewards never appear in public without American flag lapel pins, and routinely demonize those non-patriots who don’t.

We’re about to bring the boys home from Iraq.  Look Ma, No Jobs!  And keeping cutting back social welfare and counseling programs — there’s a deficit to reduce!  Just get the soup kitchens crews working overtime, and keep those homeless bums out of tourists’ sights.

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One Response to Red White and Blooze

  1. Miami Harold says:

    Sad. Infuriating. Criminal.
    There are more veterans whose lives are ruined by life after service
    than there are killed or wounded in battle.
    What should be the beginning of life for many
    becomes the beginning of the end.
    We are an ungrateful nation presided over by apathy, even contempt.
    Occupy the Pentagon.

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