Technical Foul

I’ve got a real busy week in my face, but I can’t resist this little trip-up in today’s Miami Hurled:

Manny Pacquiao may have overwhelmed larger foes during the past three years, but familiar nemesis Juan Manuel Marquez remains the proverbial thorn inside his shoe.

Guess my babble study is deficient, so remind me: Which proverb features a thorn in the shoe?   There’s one about a thorn in the flesh (2 Corinthians), and there are numerous uses of “a thorn in the side,” but in the shoe? Does not compute.
I’ve heard of a stone in my shoe (there’s a Scorpions song by that name, too), which seems to be pretty much the same idea.  An irritant.  A constant, troubling impediment to achieving one’s objectives.  A pain in the ass.
It’s trivial, but it amuses me no end  to find professional writers screwing up the language like this, clearly unaware of the meaning of their own prose and unedited by anybody up the line supposedly retained to catch just these sort of howlers.  Call it my pest peeve.
….and speaking of pain in the ass, why won’t this post format correctly?  It doesn’t accept my paragraph breaks.  Sorry.  I don’t have time for this shit today.
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2 Responses to Technical Foul

  1. Stan Garde says:

    “An irritant. A constant, troubling impediment to achieving one’s objectives. A pain in the ass”.

    I imagine you know a whole lot about this.

  2. Lu Senz says:

    You and I have had this conversation too many times. The art of sports writing has all but vanished, and it’s not coming back. You’re not ever going to see it again in metropolitan newspapers. It’s one reason I don’t have that job in Chicago any more.

    Although there are two excellent boxing stories in today’s New York Times, including one about the Pacquiao fight.

    Years ago the Herald had an illiterate imbecile — well. one of many, actually — on the Marlins beat who wrote that a batter had been “beaned on the hand.” I stopped reading her after that.

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