On The Fence — Update

I’ve been bad about posting links to the podcasts that a formerly famous former but starting up again blogger and I — at his insistence — have weakly conducted on a weekly basis.  So here are the last 3.

These links will take you to a page on Buildings and Food where the topics of each podcastare outlined, and directions on listening to it through iTunes or mUshrooms or something.  Don’t ask how any of this works: to me it’s as mysterious as the mental and emotional lives of redheaded women.

I mentioned before that I’m just not sure who bothers with these, but I am assured that many many people do and more will follow as the medium gains acceptance.  I dunno.  As I tell people in my real life, I’m just the bass player.  A bottom man with a foundation-level perspective, not a visionary.

Your feedback is welcome as always.

On the Fence Episode 6

On the Fence Episode 5

On the Fence Episode 4

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2 Responses to On The Fence — Update

  1. Borkon says:

    by “last 3” do you mean the 3 most recent, or that you’re not doing any more of them?

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