Thanks Given

Among our guests last night is my old pal Radicchio R.  Peggio, Jr., whom we haven’t seen since his SuperBowl party at which he prevailed on me to help him select the best tequila for mixing drinks by sampling about 20 selections.   Needless to say, I missed the game.

Yesterday I drank NO tequila.

Raddy is a charming and entertaining fellow who is almost always accompanied by women the sight of whom make men with functoning hormones grow weak and weep, so it is a surprise (and disappointment) when he arrives alone.

“I need some down time,” he explains, and adds after a pause, “Doctor’s orders.”

Nothing serious or permanent, I hope.

“No, no, nothing like that.  But it has been a very busy autumn season, and, well, I need some reprieve from my iron man competitions.”

I hadn’t heard that sex is a marathon event.

“There are some amazing athletes in south Florida,” he says, smiling roguishly.  “I’ve learned a lot, including the value of respite.”  He looks thoughtful.  “I learned something else this week as well, skiing up in Canada.”

Don’t eat yellow snow?

“No,  the meaning of ‘Black Friday.’  I thought it was some kind of racial thing — you Americans seem to add a racial twist to everything, so I just made the assumption.  Then somebody told me it was actually all about shopping, so I figured it was something like a slave auction.”

I think not.  But I wouldn’t swear to it, especially if we’re talking about Alabama.

Raddy is about to say something else but his phone rings and he glances at it.  I catch a screenshot of what appears to be a a fashion magazine model.  He excuses himself and I see his “respite” will endure about as long as this evening’s dinner.   What a life.  Well, he has much to be thankful for.

So do I this season, and, I hope, you do as well.


You might notice some changes around here: Obalesque is getting a facelift, a few changes for the first time since its launch in February 2008.  I would have done this a while ago myself except my dismal experiences behind the scenes warns me off: I’m capable of inadvertently wiping away entire websites and disappearing permanently.  So Alesh has taken a shot  at it.  Another reason to be thankful  this time of year.  Your feedback is welcome, as always.

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10 Responses to Thanks Given

  1. Jesus favored slaves. He called them “Disciples” Check it out. It’s in Revelation Version. 4.13.01

  2. Ted End says:

    “Yesterday I drank NO tequila”

    I never tasted New Orleans tequila, in fact I didn’t know they made it there. Was it any good?

  3. julesagray says:

    where did you get that pix of my me and my sisters?? Weirdo perv.

  4. What no Cyber weekend sale, Not fair!!!

  5. Ted End says:

    Hey what happened to Alesh anyway?

  6. Zak says:


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