The Nude Deal

…a/k/a “riding bareback.”

Voters in Los Angeles, home to the U.S. porn industry, could soon be asked to decide whether condoms should be required in adult films to reduce sexually transmitted diseases….If a vote is held, Los Angeles residents would be asked whether adult film producers must require the use of condoms on porn sets as a condition for getting movie permits.

Most major porn companies shoot films without condoms, and some argue that using latex prophylactics would take away from the fantasy appeal of their product. The multibillion dollar U.S. industry is largely based in Los Angeles, and producers say they might leave if new laws make condom use unavoidable. — Reuters

For me, the only thing less satisfying than watching porn where studs wear condoms is having sex with one.  A condom, that is.  What’s the matter with you people?

What good is a deep ass-to-mouth ream-and-rinse where John Thomas wears a shower cap?  I ask you.  And what happens to full-on facials?  This is an outrage.  Just another protection racket.

And whose business is it, anyway?  Why do voters get to vote on something like this?  Isn’t it bad enough they have to worry about real estate tax, municipal bonds, and recalling the election of the criminal of the week….now they need to opine on the pros and cons of French letters?

This is the same issue we addressed on Monday, discussing dancers who starve themselves, and I draw the same conclusion.  Artists and athletes understand that in the pursuit of perfection, they will encounter risks, some endangering their health, some inflicting pain, and some threatening their lives.  They choose their paths for all sorts of reasons, from filthy lucre and ego satisfaction to the purity of their art.  Ain’t nobody’s business but their own.

Pornographic actors are artists, too.  Let them pursue their art unencumbered.  And unwrapped.

However, should this measure pass and the lucrative porn business abandon LA for a more receptive business and art community, I expect south Florida will pursue the opportunity with the same forward-looking and aggressive approach exhibited by Miami’s recruitment of the Genting group and their outsized gambling agenda.  Think of the jobs created, the tourists, the glitz and glamour of beautiful international film stars mingling with the hoi polloi!  Not to mention the sharp spike in demand for medical facilities and STD clinics.

Do I smell a tax incentive or a bond issue in the offing?  As evidenced by the Marlins stadium deal (now under Federal investigation), our elected officials warmly welcome prostitutes to the community.  Professional courtesy.

We’ll be watching this with eyes wide open.  And one-handed.

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5 Responses to The Nude Deal

  1. Ya, but will you watch the whole thing?

  2. Porn without a condom is like a day without sunshine. That’s a Flori-Duh thing, ain’t it?

  3. Jesus always wore a condom. Lambskin…the best. i think he and Mary did so early porm

  4. Mumblety Peg says:

    Men are such pigs.

  5. * Rim Shot * says:

    “Just another protection racket.”

    OK, I laughed. After I groaned.

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