One of the best things about the Christmas season is the number and variety of news items about self-proclaimed Christians going seasonally post-toasties.

It seems to be a world-wide phenomenon, unrelated to weather conditions, drinking water, or whatever choad happens to be in office at any given moment, which suggests the underlying motive is purely spiritual, a result of the holiday itself.

This one from down under:

A scissor-wielding protester has destroyed a controversial billboard of the Virgin Mary, just days after it went up outside a New Zealand church. 

Arthur Skinner, a member of an organisation calling itself the Catholic Action Group, who described the Renaissance-style picture as “satanic”, was photographed attacking it. 

“Yes, it is vandalism,” Mr Skinner proclaimed proudly outside the church.  “I’m guilty. If they want to arrest me, be my guest.”   —

(I had to be told that the item in the Virgin’s hand is a device from a pregnancy test indicating she’d been knocked up.  I’ve never seen one in action.  Back when I was routinely having sex with women who were in danger of becoming pregnant, we had to wait a few months to find out how much trouble we were in.  How quaint.)

I’m also thinking, why is she covering her mouth?  That might have been the problem to begin with.

Not being a Christian myself, the idea of virgin birth always sounded kind of bogus to me anyhow.  Imagine, if you like, how it sounded to Joseph — and what was he holding out for, anyway, that he hasn’t popped her cherry; do we want to know?

I will leave to those who have skin in the game the determination about the picture’s “Satanic” designation.  Clearly that’s not for me to say: I don’t know, and I don’t care.  And I doubt (and hope) that anybody who DOES care, cares what I think, anyway.

But I rather deplore the act of vandalism Mr. Skinner boasts about.  Destroying art out of religious convictions is a genuinely bad idea, even if the art itself is bad.  Silencing free expression is another decidedly rotten activity.  Even if you want to credit the poor blighter with a pure intention — and I sure don’t — when you toss in the inevitable backlash such dim-bulb destruction will inspire, it’s just not a good career move.

I doubt Mr. Skinner cares, which suggests to me (again) that there remain certain crimes richly deserving of public floggings.  Even if the penitent enjoys it as much as the spectators.  After all, ‘t’is better to give than to receive.

That’s my 2011 Blessed Devotional Seasonal Message (BDSM).

Extra Credit: Does Mr. Skinner’s action and defiance wrapped in the cloak of holy certainty remind you of the sort of conduct certain American wingnuts routinely attribute to Muslims when condemning their anti-American faith and tolerance?   Discuss.

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16 Responses to Cut!

  1. Hey Mary, the rabbit died and Joe is pissed you’re fooling around, even if it was with God!

    Fer shame, fer shame.

    Merry Christmas to all of my loyal followers

  2. Flaming Yon says:

    I got thrown out of Catholic school for suggesting that the “Immaculate Conception” was nothing more than a scared virgin’s cover story for an ordinary Ejaculate Conception. That was considered pretty rude for an 11 year old.

  3. Joe Balls says:

    That’s not the Virgin Mary. It’s Sara Jessica Parker examining a urine sample after finishing Show at the Sana Ana. It just doesn’t look like her with her mouth shut for a change.

  4. Neil, a Christian Soul says:

    The picture is indeed “Satanic,” if by that term one understands how blasphemous, disrespectful, and inspired by anti-Christian venom it is intended to be. Mr. Skinner should be embraced as a martyr, sacrificing his own freedom and well-being for the Greater Glory of the Lord in Whose Service he performed his remedial action. The law may not sympathize, and clearly you and those whose remarks appear here find all this amusing, but that, sadly, is why you are going to hell, although I will pray for all of you in this Holy Season, as always.

  5. Labrys says:

    My mother, the atheist, used to snicker a lot at Christmas time, proclaiming “Mary was a dirty girl.”

    And as for Christian souls and martyrs? Give us a break, Neil. I note that you Christians don’t accord the same “martyrdom” and sympathy to those doing extreme things for their faith, so hey, all bets are off so far as I am concerned.

    • Neil, a Christian Soul says:

      Labrys: I’m sorry your mother thought and said those sorts of things, but God is merciful and perhaps she was spared damnation. I will pray for her, and for you as well.

      What people of false faiths consider martyrdom is usually lawless, and always evil, as those actions are performed for reasons other than serving the One True God. Hence, you’re right that Christians like myself have little sympathy. However, as Christians we pray for them. All we can do is pray, but pray we must.

      To “A Decent Christian” — I’m sorry, this may be a humor blog as you put it, but being disrespectful and blasphemous is not funny.

      • Squathole says:

        Hey Kneel: While I am certain you yourself have no idea how bad it sucks to be you, everybody else does and pities you for it.
        Speaking only for myself, I don’t mind your praying for me. It’s all about you, anyway. It’s your braying that bothers me. As rude and disrespectful as you find my posts, have you any idea how you come off, wrapped in your ignorant sanctimoniousness? Of course you don’t.
        While I have no idea why you bother with my blog, I assure you your activity is a source of great amusement to me and its readers. I hope you’ll continue to prodigiously squat and lay eggs whenever the topics addressed here inspire you.
        Happy Holidays!

      • Have you heard the new CD “Blasphemy Is A Blast,” by Jesus And The Nail Drivin’ Five.

        I’ll send you one to celebrate our “Savers” birth. Hey, Jesus shopped at Wallmart.

      • Have you heard the new CD “Blasphemy Is A Blast,” by Jesus And The Nail Drivin’ Five.

        I’ll send you one to celebrate our “Savers” birth. Hey, Jesus shopped at Wallmart.

      • Dear Infidel: English of mine knot too gut so I say in my words
        نيل, أنت بيجو. وهي مع المسيحيين الممتصة بنفسه. وأنت عارا عليكم الدين

  6. Labrys says:

    Hey, Neil? I think your deity is a negligent “parent figure” and a tyrant. If that is my only choice, I’ll go happily to hell singing…cause all the really good, rational, reasonable folks will apparently be there anyhow.

    Cause yeah, “Jesus” may love you; but the rest of the rational folk think you are an asshole.

  7. julesagray says:

    y’all are fucked in the head.

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