I Thought It Was Boxing Day. Not Shooting Day.

GRAPEVINE, Texas – A gunman who killed six people and himself at a family Christmas celebration outside Dallas was dressed in a Santa Claus suit when he opened fire, police said on Monday.

Grapevine police Lieutenant Todd Dearing said the victims’ ages were 15, 19, 22, 55, 56, 58 and 59. The victims in their 50s were two couples, Dearing said.

Circumstances of the shooting remained sketchy, but Eberling said it appeared as though the bloodbath unfolded during a family holiday celebration. — National Post

A real Norman Rockwell moment.

But what it really demonstrates is how important it is to preserve your Second Amendment rights to carry firearms.  Had the others been armed, the shooter might not have gotten off all 6 shots.  Right?

Besides, anybody who doesn’t go to a family Christmas party armed and ready for trouble is just begging for trouble.  Especially in Texas.

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