Bedside Manners

Mid-west family values.

 A man repeatedly shot his adult son and two sisters-in-law in his living room, killing them in front of his terminally ill wife, then fatally shot himself on the front porch as family tension about the cancer-stricken woman’s care apparently boiled over, authorities said. 

An earlier dispute about whether the woman should have been fed tea and toast or the orange her husband had peeled for her apparently set off the shooter Monday, 63-year-old Paul Gilkey.  

Gilkey…served a decade in prison beginning in 1974 for killing a man in Athens County in May of that year, according to court records.   He also had a 1986 arrest for felonious assault, according to the sheriff. — Abcnews

I wonder how that last scene played out.  I’m thinking it got down to:

“Tea and toast!  Give her tea and toast!”

“No way, bitch!  She’ll eat the orange I peeled for her and like it!”

“I said tea and toast!”

“Yeah, well I say YOU eat hot lead!”

But the main point here — again — is the tragedy created by sick bleeding heart liberals who make it so difficult for Americans to exercise their second amendment rights.  Be sure that if the dying woman, let alone her son and two daughters-in-law, had been armed, somebody’s life might have been saved when she returned fire.  I can’t emphasize this enough — the cure for gun violence isn’t fewer guns, it’s more guns.

No way should anybody visit a dying relative unarmed, ever.  I think the NRA specifically mentions this precaution in one of its safety training courses.  Especially if that relative is in a hospital — do you realize how dangerous those place can be?

Oh, I suppose there’s something, too, about the gun-toting son, who served time for a killing somebody somewhere, and convicted for felonious assault as well.  Some states get all huffy about felons’ right to carry weapons, and admittedly, in this case, in hindsight, that might have been a wise precaution.  But please note that this responsible ex-felon had the foresight to save a bullet for himself.  That illustrates character.

Too, remember — that wouldn’t have been as big an issue had the dying woman, for example, kept a loaded weapon on her lap under the bedcovers.

And there’s the slippery slope argument: you start taking weapons away from felons and crazy people, pretty soon mere muggers, drunks, and anger management candidates might lose their rights as well.  That ain’t the American fucking way, nosireebobtail.

This is what happens, my friends, when your Constitutional rights are entrusted to a Muslim Socialist born in Kenya and say did you know he’s Black?

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5 Responses to Bedside Manners

  1. The MassPube says:

    This guy really liked oranges. Does the industry need a spokesperson? He’d make Flor=DUH proud…too bad he didn’t live there.

  2. 'Nonymous says:

    Yes, very clever. You actually got something right — there’s no way a convicted felon carries a gun legally. If liberals focused on getting sensible restrictions enforced instead of trying to take away Americans’ 2nd Amendment rights, maybe this could have been prevented. But that’s not what you really want, is it?

  3. Lois Terms says:

    I’d say they were a little late making that call to Hospice.

  4. One Man's Opinion says:

    Yo squats, don’t go getting all apoplectic on us here. You’re not making sense…..nowhere in the article did it say the son was a felon. It was the dad (perp) who had the record of violence & murder. And if the women were his sisters-in-law then they were probably the wife’s sisters…..don’t ya think? (Yeah, yeah, I know…you think at least once a day whether you need to or not). So just calm down. Nobody’s going to take away your [water] pistol.

    P.S.: If this is the new trend in patient care, I hope Quido never gets cancer again.

    • Squathole says:

      Yeah — you’re right — I got the parties scrambled somewhat. It was the caretaker husband doing the shooting. Sorry. I was distracted by trying to be funny. Happens when I drive, too. But who’s Quido? 🙂

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