Kindred Soles

Here’s some people I can probably relate to.

We are people who love to go barefoot — not just at home or the beach, but in a wide variety of places and situations.

We prefer going barefoot because of its health and comfort benefits, while delighting in the textures the world has to offer.

We support the personal freedom of everyone to go barefoot, and seek to correct myths and misconceptions about going barefoot.

We provide a friendly forum for SBL members to share thoughts and experiences about barefoot living.

One reason I wanted to live in Florida was the possibility of going barefoot year ‘round, something that’s tough to do up north when the temperature drops below freezing and stays there for months.  That’s worked out pretty well: down here I go days without wearing shoes, to the point where I keep them in the car.  No need for them around the house.

When we visit friends, I walk in the house barefoot.  Nobody even blinks an eye any more.  When we’re out for dinner or a drink someplace, I usually slip off my shoes.  I always drive barefoot (very appropriate for a manual transmission).  At my last several jobs, I went barefoot once I got inside my office.  Nobody cared.  I mow the lawn barefoot.  I only put shoes on when obliged to do so, and that’s become rarer and rarer, and when I get where I have to be, they come off.

It has nothing to do with the fact that I wear 10 toe rings on my left foot and 12 on the right.  Shoes fit over them without a problem.  It’s just more comfortable for my feet without shoes, just as it’s more comfortable for my crotch without underwear.  

Yes, barefoot — but why stop there?  

In fact, I’m often naked around the house, and it wouldn’t trouble me in the least to parade bare-ass outdoors  — say, walking the dog through the neighborhood.   After all, except for the collar, she does it.  There is a genuine sense of vulnerability, though, with one’s package exposed and bouncing about unprotected.  We have a kitten now, too, who’s at the age when anything dangling, trailing, protruding, or just waving in the wind is his invitation to pounce.  Yeah.  Ouch.  So I wear the minimum, indoors and out.  

Not everybody gets this.  There’s still a prejudice about clothing that goes past health and reason.  In the top photo, the sign commands people to wear a tee shirt inside the establishment.  No three-piece suits or tuxedo jackets allowed.  What’s so special about a tee shirt?  Would this convenience store refuse me service if I wore a sweater or a hoodie?

The one below is a sign on the door of my dentist’s office.  Obediently, I stopped, slipped off my shoes and wiped my feet as directed, then put my shoes back on.  What is the point of this exercise, especially when people are arriving to get their teeth worked on?

When I ask my dentist this very question he gives me a long thoughtful look, checks his records, then stares at me for a full two minutes.  “I never should have administered that nitrous oxide in 2002,” he says sadly.  “Your wife was right — we should have taken you to the vet and had you put the fuck to sleep.”

Whatever.  I don’t remember 2002.  So just bury me barefoot.

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10 Responses to Kindred Soles

  1. ya' gotta' guessit says:

    And another piece of the puzzle drops into place.

  2. The Neighbors says:

    You’re under arrest.

  3. 60s Radical says:

    For as long as I can remember, I have been going around, inside and out and, underneath my clothes… I am completely NAKED!
    Why just this morning, I got into the shower totally NAKED!
    And, I proceeded to touch and rub my entire naked body all over!
    I have pix available…

    • A Decent Christian says:

      A true Christian is always proud to walk naked before his Maker and Redeemer.

      Jesus walked naked to prove he wasn’t circumcised and the girls loved it.

      Jesus got a lot of ass (not mentioned in the Bible)

      To quote St. Coitus, “Jesus was a whore mongering evil doer who got laid a lot.
      Damn, I wish I’d thought of that.”

  4. 60s Radical says:

    “It’s OK, I’m the son of God so, it won’t be a sin. Just lay back and you’ll be screeming, ‘OH, GOD!’ in no time…”

    • Hooker Mary says:

      Yum, yum, come here boy. You are so busy repentin’ all dem sins ya deserve a lil’ relaxin”

      Ya know what I’m saying???

      Fill me up wit dat Holy Gosstie thing of yours. HOLY SHIT, dat ain’t no ghost.

  5. julesagray says:

    If you were all kinds of nekkid on your blog, it would be a lot more popular. Unless, of course, you look like a naked Jackie Mason.

  6. Ted End says:

    What does any of this have to do with the fish in the title? Sometimes I just never understand what you’re writing about.


    Because “Kindred Flounder” sound real dumb.

    Thank you for your comments. It’s readers like you that make this one of the outstandingly bad blogs in the U.S and some parts of Eastern Europe.

    Bangalore, India
    Obalesque, LLC

  8. odtley says:

    back when i was living in the institute there was a rule against walking barefoot we always had to wear at least slippers at all times except when showering or in bed because we were told it was unhealthy and dangerous but i never believed anything they told me anyway although one time when i got upset and threw my shoes at the cafeteria hag and missed it landed in the big pot of gruel or soup or whatever it was and i got punished for a week but the other loonies told me that the next day the food tasted leathery and one girl said she found a shoelace in her dinner yeah but she lied all the time mostly

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