Echo Canyon

Anybody remember this?

I give BHO a lot of credit: I wasn’t sick and tired of listening to his bullshit until a year into his administration.  Usually I find a president’s speeches an intolerable assault on reason and common sense about 6 months into his candidacy, so Obama scores very high in my sports book.

But that was then.  This is now.  And speaking of now, I wrote this before the speech.

This being an election year, the annual SOTU speech is little more than another campaign presentation.  The usual platitudes about staying the course, sticking with the program, giving the current leadership more time to continue its brilliant stewardship.  How we’re so much better off after 3 years of US compared to 8 years of THEM.  How so many promises have been kept, so much work remains, and if only we had more cooperation from those who would bring us down, how much more we would be enjoying.

Few will hang around long enough to hear the ‘Pub’s rebuttal, handled this year by Gov. Mitch Daniels of Indiana.  The Governor has been labeled a “fiscal policy whiz,” and even now, with Mittens and Gingrinch hissing at and slapping one another, there are pleas for him to reconsider his decision not to seek the nomination.  Run Mitch Run!  What is never brought up, it seems, is that Daniels was Monkey Boy’s budget director from 2000- 2003, and that during his tenure the projected federal budget surplus of $236 billion became a $400 billion deficit.  (The fiscal policy whiz insists it wasn’t his fault — back then all the cool kids were still blaming Clinton for everything.)

Well, it wasn’t his fault.  Or Clinton’s.  As we’ve learned, the whole system had been corrupted by any number of powerful interests, crashing the house of cards to create  a gigantic crisis that would have required brilliance, patience, foresight, and cooperation to remedy.  Monkey Boy and his zoo were neither qualified nor motivated to effect repairs, and after 8 years they left it worse than it started.  Lest we forget, this is the situation that BHO inherited.

Have he and his legions done enough to straighten us out?  Nah.  So do we toss his ass out and replace his best and brightest with Mittens and the buttoned-down experts of his choice?   That’s what the election will determine.

But until then, all the cloying bluster is but a seedy dog and pony show to distract us from our troubles.  I refuse to pay attention. There’s beer to drink and porn to watch, and no time to waste on foolish pursuits.

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5 Responses to Echo Canyon

  1. E.O. Hippus says:

    You sound to me like you’re a Ryan voter, highly principled, barely coherent, and fond of losing.

    • Squathole says:

      E.O.: I am not impressed by Ryan even a little bit, and while there are certaqin aspects of Libertarianism I approve of, overall it strikes me as unrealistic and untenable. Extending its laudable tenets on personal freedom to economic policy is sheer lunacy, and leads to unacceptable conclusions. I don’t share tts reverence for tho-called fee market.

      As for barely coherent, I agree. I’m entirely bare as I type this.

      BTW — nice name, Little Horsie.

  2. Ruh Roh says:

    Meanwhile, Mitt Romney came up with another howler: “Self-deportation.” When did he hire Joe Biden as his speech wrioter? That man is doing everything he can think of to derail his own nomination.

  3. Frank of Oregon says:

    Romney is a Mittwit. The difference between the stupid things he says and the stupid things Gingrich says is that what Gingrich says is more exciting and interesting. Entertainment counts for a lot on the campaign trail.

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