The Cockroach Gets It Right

With the Republican candidates courting Cubans in Miami today, Fidel Castro chimed in with an opinion piece in state-run media saying he was unimpressed, at the very least, with the field.

“The selection of a Republican candidate for the presidency of this globalized and expansive empire is — and I mean this seriously — the greatest competition of idiocy and ignorance that has ever been,” the retired Cuban leader wrote. — NYTimes

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9 Responses to The Cockroach Gets It Right

  1. julesagray says:

    I just fell in love with Fidel and his nasty chin pubes.

  2. Fidel C. says:

    I’m sorry that I’ve been misquoted. This should read…

    “The greatest shithole of competition of fucking idiocy and cocksucking ignorance that has ever been,”

    Thanks to you time and attention.

  3. Hose B says:

    Of course, the way this will spin in south Florida is, “If Fidel disapproves, there must be something right and good about it.”

  4. Steve:
    Cockroach is right. Like the cockroach, Fidel wallows in his own filth (when his handlers forget to activate his artificial anus) and has survived a potential nuclear conflagration of his own plotting (as scientists assure us cockroaches alone would). He differs from the cockroach, however, in that he is not in the least retiring: Fidel seeks the spotlight and does not hide when the lights are turned on. It is his shamelessness, more than anything else, that defines him. Really, what could be more brazen than for a dowager dictator, who holds the Guinness record for the longest tenure in non-elective office (in the non-regal category), to opine on the fitness of candidates in a democratic election? And what greater exhibition of “idiocy and ignorance” can there be than to keep a people — his people — enslaved for 53 years?

    José B.:
    If Fidel Castro were to voice his disappointment with Obama (as he has on several occasions) would that mean that Cuban exiles would see “something right and good” about him?

    • Hose B says:

      Manuel: I suspect not. The local exile community restricts their consistency to reinforcing their own prejudices, and the one they hold against Democrats in general and Obama in particular would outweigh anything else. But to be fair, although I made the comment above when it happened (and half-jokingly), since then I haven’t actually heard that thought expressed. I get the impression that Fidel has been reduced to something like irrelevance, beneath both contempt and even notice any more. I look forward to saying the same thing about Gingrich.

    • Squathole says:

      Manny: What a pleasant surprise seeing you here again. After this period of inactivity I figured you’d given up the game. Always a pleasure.

      BTW — I’m sure you understand that with the reference to Castro I didn’t intend to insult cockroaches.

  5. Steve:
    As you know, I retired from blogging after the 2008 election, convinced that things could not get any worse. And I was right. 2012 is a repeat of 2008 with all the usual suspects (sans McCain) reprising their several roles, and every word I wrote about them 4 years ago is still relevant today. I really have nothing more to add. I am glad, however, that the media is finally taking cognizance of what I said then. For example, in January 2008, I published in RCAB the full story of Willard (aka “Mitt”) Romney’s Mexican roots. You, my friend, thought it newsworthy enough to post on DIGG. Nobody else, however, appeared to notice until now. Earlier this month the mainstream media finally reported on Mitt the “anchor baby” and Romney himself finally acknowledged that his father was born in Mexico in the last debate. Perhaps some of the things I revealed about New[ton] Gingrich will also get reported eventually. I know that nothing I disclosed about Barack Obama will ever be picked up by the MSM.

    Like Rip Van Winkle, I have stirred for a minute; but now I return to inanimation. If I stir again, however, be assured I will wander into these precincts again.

  6. José B.:
    Newt Gingrich cannot escape irrelevancy even were he the Republican standard bearer. I don’t believe that he has many Cuban-American supporters (outside a certain blog) because “Newt Gingrich is second only to Fidel Castro in the number of deaths of Cubans for which he is directly responsible.”

    • Hose B says:

      Manuel: Republicans have been consistently bashing immigrants for years. The differences are only in degree. Locally, both Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio have cautioned the candidates over this, but you can’t un-wring the bell. Nobody with a drop of Spanish blood misunderstands their intent and references. They want a cultural war and they want to set Americans against one another. Even the Miami coconuts understand this while they choose to deny it aloud.

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