End Games

First of all, I am completely bummed out by the death of Don Cornelius, the coolest Don in the world.  Suicide by lead poisoning, no less.  Damn it. 

The party’s over in Florida and the troops are slinking off to the next campaign battlefield, panting media critters barking at their heels in search of the Next Big Gaffe.  Newt doesn’t know it but he’s finished.  There are two reasons.  Well, three if you leave out the fact that he’s a nausea-inducing wedge of toxic hypocrisy that poisons everything  he touches or even gets close to, and the more exposure he receives, the more obvious it becomes.  

The first reason is, Mittney and his supporting PAC have ‘way more money, which means they can buy plenty more negative ads.  According to the New York Times

The bulk of the ads were run by Mr. Romney and his PAC, Restore Our Future, which spent a combined $15.4 million on television and radio advertising in Florida. That compares  with $3.7 million for Mr. Gingrich and his allies, according to an analysis by a Republican media strategist not working for either candidate…… Negative ads were so prevalent in the final week before the Florida primary that they accounted for 92 percent of all campaign commercials that ran. 

That’s beyond huge. That’s overwhelming.  

The second reason is that it finally dawned on Mittens, thanks to his new vulpine advisers,  that he needed to sharpen his edge and ramp up his rhetoric.   This doesn’t come naturally to the clean-cut aristocratic candidate, but driving through Hallandale he spotted the store pictured on the left, and stopped in.  Twenty minutes later he emerged a new man — with a real spine!  The result was obvious at once, in the very first debate.

His campaign provided no further information on the product’s shelf life or terms of warranty.

The photo on the right is completely unrelated to Mittens — I suspect — but it’s another Hallandale attraction.  Leaving Nick’s luncheonette after lunch this week, I spotted this sign on the way out.  “Customer Rear Entrance” is not the best way to say what is meant, particularly when one considers that Nick’s is Greek.  

As I was lining this photo up the manager emerged from the doorway, jamming a cigarette in his mouth (in fact, he ruined the first picture: I didn’t want to put his face on the blog without his permission, and I didn’t want to ask for it.  His permission or his face).   He looked at the sign and grunted.  “Been up there a long time,” he  noted.

I told him I’d never noticed it before as I usually use the other door.

“Customer Rear Entrance,” he said, thoughtfully, giving me a sidelong look.

Yeah.  Customer Rear Entrance.  That’s all I said.  I recognized the Aegean accent.  Don’t mess with these people.  They cause bankruptcy.

Did I mention Don Cornelius always wore the best clothes, and never ever ever lost his cool on-camera demeanor?  I bet the gun he used matched his belt and boots.  Damn it.

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7 Responses to End Games

  1. julesagray says:

    Mr. Cornelius was the total coolest. I bet you’ll appreciate this too… http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=yyTifrKB-y0#!

  2. julesagray says:

    Cool fun Soul Train fact: Elton John was the first white dude to perform on the show–at the Don’s insistence.

  3. Reality Checker says:

    Cool guy perhaps, if you like brutal wife abusers. However, she’ll get the last laugh and some cool cash. Well, you like cool or so you say.


    • Diesel Fitter says:

      Lots of cool guys abuse their wives. Some might say that’s what makes them cool. Besides, she abused him back. They hated each other. But if he really hated her he would have pulled the trigger earlier and that would have voided the life insurance policy pay-out.

  4. julesagray says:

    pffft. everyone sucks choad.

    • A Pure Racist says:

      Hey Jules: This isn’t a blog for ghetto trash like you.

      I’m sure you’ll be happy at the grio.com, of back in Africa where you belong.

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