Bring Out Your Dead….and Sprinkle ‘Em

The more you learn about this guy, the sillier he gets.

Holocaust survivor and Nobel Prize winner Elie Wiesel on Tuesday called on Mitt Romney to tell the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to stop doing proxy baptisms in the names of dead Jews, including Holocaust victims such as Wiesel’s parents…..

According to Mormon theology, baptism is essential for salvation and the practice of baptizing the dead merely offers that option to that person, it doesn’t make them Mormon or members of the church… 

Romney is already on record that when he was a bishop in the church in Boston, he participated in this practice. —USAToday

FWIW (not much), Mittens later said he “hasn’t done this recently,” and now he won’t even answer questions about it.  You can’t really blame him.  Posthumous baptisms that allegedly provide dead people with options on the assumption that this will somehow clear the way for their souls’ salvation — well, if you’re trying to convince doubters that Mormonism isn’t a cult, the way it’s regarded by certain people of faith, this isn’t the strongest position.

To me, a card carrying atheist, this is just another mindless practice to confirm my belief that organized religion wastes a lot of time, effort, and holy water. You can find similar idiotic rituals in every house of worship.  Incredibly, people take these things seriously.  Sometimes they even start wars.

Complaining about it from the outside, as Weisel has done, is equally idiotic.  If he believes it’s meaningless, why even mention it?  And if he doesn’t, then what’s the beef?  It would mean the Mormons are simply reaching out in a gesture of good will.  We could use more of that sort of thing, especially at the divine level, regardless of your personal beliefs.

What’s the difference to a non-believer what a believer does unless it actually affects him?  I’ve had people pray for me, just as I’ve had them curse me and banish my sorry ass to hell  — it doesn’t buy me a beer or blacken my soul.  Knock yourselves out.  I recognize that prayer is all about the person who prays.  It’s self-directed.  Action is something else altogether, and that’s where religion has the potential to becomes something good or evil.

There’s an election looming.  We’ve got wars, people mutilating their neighbors, hungry children, disease, poisons in the environment, and worldwide recession.  Can we stay on point here?  There’s plenty of genuine material for debate and concern under the Big Top — let’s leave the freaks in the sideshow for the drooling nosepickers to enjoy.  

Besides, pitchers and catchers report in 8 days.
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6 Responses to Bring Out Your Dead….and Sprinkle ‘Em

  1. Right To Lifer says:

    Atheists must be killed, just like abortionists.


    • Kim Chee says:

      OMG. You call for murder and you sign your name “Right to Lifer.” I suppose you see nothing inconsistent about this.

      • Right To Lifer says:

        Not at all. There is a huge difference “taking a life” and killing.
        However all Atheists deserve to be killed as well as abortionists.
        I hope this clarifies my position. Just think about it.

  2. You mischaracterize prayer when you assert that “it’s about the people who pray.” That is exactly opposite. When people of faith pray they do so out of love and respect for their fellow creatures and their duty to God. It is true that God rewards those who obey Him, and hears their prayers, but while this surely benefits those who pray, it is neither the motivation nor the reason for praying. To think otherwise is to disrespect the devout and commit blasphemy. So once again, I will pray for you — for your sake, not mine — but you’re going to hell.

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