Rick Santorum’s Excellent Bulimia Adventure

I spent all day trying to get over this already, but I just can’t.  I.  Just.  Can’t.

“What kind of country do we live in that says only people of nonfaith can come into the public square and make their case?” [Rick] Santorum said on the ABC News program “This Week.”

“That makes me throw up,” he said, adding later, “I don’t believe in an America where the separation of church and state is absolute.” — NYTimes

This is so spectacularly off the mark I wonder if he’s pimping for the ACLU — a stealth fundraiser out to alarm the base and inspire frantic check writing.

Ironically, he mentioned his First Amendment eating disorder in reference to John F. Kennedy, who in 1960 delivered a speech assuring  Americans that his Catholic faith — one that Santorum shares — would not interfere with his governing.  The speech addressed accusations that once elected, he would become “an agent of Rome.”   Remember, JFK  was the nation’s first Roman Catholic president, following an unbroken string of WASPs. 

That heads all over the nation didn’t explode after Santorum’s remark reveals just how crazed and extreme this ‘Pub dog race has become.  The firewall between church and state in this country not only protects the citizens from religious oppression, it makes the practice of religion possible. 

Doesn’t everybody with a high school education understand this?

The other head-detonator concerns Skanktorum’s grasp of basic conservative principles, which he claims  underpin and guide his political philosophy.  How does he square conservative thought, which allegedly prizes  individual autonomy and freedom from government intrusion, with a government predicated on religious dogma — any religious dogma?

Is Rick Santorum the Taliban with a bible and a cross?

This is scary shit, made scarier by the lack of outrage and horror it should have generated. By rights, it should have been the final nail in the coffin of his candidacy.  But given where his ‘Pub constituents  today, publicly wiping his ass with the Bill of Rights might have actually propelled him to the top.

All the more reason to vote for the Kenyan Socialist Muslim (and did you notice that he’s Black?).  He doesn’t appear to be nearly as dangerous, and there’s evidence he’s read and understands the First Amendment.   The snob.

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14 Responses to Rick Santorum’s Excellent Bulimia Adventure

  1. THE MASSPUBE says:

    Santorum. Here’s another Latin word, “Vomitorium”.
    People say that at least Santorum sticks to his guns and believes what he says . My answer is, “So did Torquemada”, the Grand Inquisitor…and as Mel Brooks once wrote. “he was called Torquemada because once he made up his mind, you couldn’t torquemada anything

  2. A Perfect Christian. says:

    Best quote in the piece.

    Is Rick Santorum the Taliban with a bible and a cross?
    It is written “Jesus was an atheist who said “Kill All The Little Children.”

    Jesus was also well known for his love of anal sex. He knew about santorum long before it became a President candidate.

    The sometimes frothy, usually slimy, amalgam of lubricant, stray fecal matter, and ejaculate that leaks out of the receiving partner’s anus after a session of anal intercourse. Named, by popular demand and usage, after legislator Rick Santorum because of his homophobic political statements.

    Christians and assholes have much in common.

    Enjoy you santorum sandwich. It’s yummy good. Now available in “Chunky.”

  3. A Perfect Christian. says:

    By the way santorum toothpaste is delicious. Now available in “Minty Fresh.”

  4. Barbara Ganoush says:

    That makes HIM want to throw up. Santorum makes ME want to throw up.

  5. cljahn says:

    High school education? You elitist pinko!

  6. Neil, A Christian Soul says:

    While there is no doubt the candidate phrased his thoughts awkwardly and inelegantly, the underlying principle to which he appeals is sound. Religion not only has a place in good government, our system of government is based on religious principles such as justice, compassion, love of community, and of course, respect for God. There is no “firewall,” on the contrary, religion and government in America are two sides of the same coin. So when elected officials enforce policies that violate religious convictions, those officials defy not just the citizens who elect them, but God. While I pray for them, they and people like yourself who scorn and blaspheme will find yourselves in hell.

    • A Perfect Christian says:

      It’s called the Constitution, jerk.

      Go play with your “invisible” friend.
      Which Hell do you favor?

      Hell, California, U.S
      Hell, Michigan, U.S.
      Hell, Grand Cayman, the Cayman Islands
      Hell, Norway, a village in Stjørdal
      Hell Station, a railway station at Hell, Norway
      Hell Creek, a place in Montana notable for Cretaceous dinosaur fossils

      I like the Caymans (nice and warm) , but this sounds more like your place. Hell Creek, a place in Montana notable for Cretaceous dinosaur fossils

      Have a blessed day.

  7. Thomas Jefferson says:

    My greatest fears, looking Ahead, are not that this sort of intrusion into the Religious and Spiritual lives of the Citizenry would be proposed by self-serving Leaders seeking to maximize their control over the People, but that the People themselves should fail to recognize their peril.

    This “Santorum” — is that Latin for “asswipe”?

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