Thought for the Weekend

Lips don’t fail me now.  This would inspire me to drink my face right off my head.

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6 Responses to Thought for the Weekend

  1. THE MASSPUBE says:

    whats you’re missing is that this was the cover of the 1889 Swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated. The view depends on the point of view…these were babes in their day.

  2. Tush Limbaugh says:

    They’re nothing but sluts, prostitutes! They want taxpayers to buy them booze so they can get as drunk as they want and have sex!

  3. Lu Senz says:

    Squatto: Maybe it’s before your time,but that poster hung over the bar at LRBs for many years. I wasn’t there the night a fight broke out and it got damaged by a flung bottle, but Don took it down and that was the end of it. It might still be in storage, who knows. Don said afterwards he noticed a decrease in sales, but you never know with him when he’s serious..

    Phillies/Yankees at 1 this afternoon!!!

  4. Pearls of WIsdom says:

    Never trust a man who doesn’t tote a pint or two…

  5. Tequila Teddy says:

    You done burnt my eyes with this pic, shit they’d drive a man to drink I’d say!!

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