Glitch: An Update

The annoying feature on this blog  (and others) that has irritated would-be commenters is actually a WordPress initiative!

This thread suggests the problem is repaired.  I’m not convinced.

Sorry, very sorry for the inconvenience which is beyond my control (and no, Alesh, it isn’t anything I did.  Not this time.   Not most times, in fact, but we’ve been through this many times for your exclusive amusement).  Please continue to submit comments and work around the pain in the ass requirement by typing in any characters at all in the email address line.

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2 Responses to Glitch: An Update

  1. An Obalesque Lover says:

    REALLY???….Please don’t hesitate to contact our Happiness Engineers if you have any questions. We’re glad to help!

    Hey assholes I’m trying to make a simple blog comment, not hack into a C.I.A server.

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