Are We Ready?

Citizens of the Republic!! Are you ready for your shocked-shocked moment of the week?

“Callista Gingrich. Karen Santorum. Ann Romney,” he said. “Now do you really think our country is ready for a white first lady?”

The crowd of big-dollar donors waiting to hear from the nation’s first black first lady roared in approval, and [actor Robert] De Niro finished: “Too soon, right?” — Washington Post

Sort of funny — but I guess you had to be there.  Anyway, think of that as Act I.  What comes next is side-splitting:

[Candidate Newton Leroy] Gingrich on Tuesday called De Niro’s comment “inexcusable” and demanded an apology from President Barack Obama….Gingrich said the president should be held accountable “when someone at his event says something as utterly and totally unacceptable as Robert De Niro said last night. And I call on the president to apologize for him.”
Is that funny? 

not as pretty as the Obamas

Perhaps Newton Leroy can tell us exactly why that satirical comment — offered by a white professional actor married to a Black woman (should that be relevant) to a friendly audience — is “unacceptable”?   It very nicely places in perspective all the stupid-ass conversations that went on prior to the 2008 contest, among ‘Crats and ‘Pubs alike, and echoed in the media — Is America Ready for a (gasp) ‘Buh-laaaaaack Prezydent?

I can just imagine Newton Leroy, upon hearing this account, eagerly gathering his drool-drying handlers to devise just the right stance.  “Waddya think, fellas?  Should I condemn it as undignified?  Get huffy? Tell ‘em that if a Republican said that he’d be called a racist?  What should I do?  This is gold.  Gold!”

IMHO,  Newton Leroy needs to stay out of any discussion involving  wives.  His current beta-version, the plasticine piece of crumpet whose function is to gaze in his direction with vapid adoration at campaign appearances, is nothing more than a reminder of his own hideous indiscretions , egomania, and hypocrisy.

not pretty at all

For the record, the Obama people didn’t do much better.  “We believe the joke was inappropriate,” said Mrs. Obama’s campaign press secretary, Olivia Alair. She declined further comment.  (Michelle Obama has a campaign press secretary?  Do the kids?)

“You have to place all this in perspective,” one Washington-based campaign veteran told me.  “It’s crunch time for Gingrich.  He’s down to one big backer, he’s losing momentum, and he’s just desperate.  His whole public life is going down in flames.  He’ll take any bone you throw him and gnaw it like it’s steak.  But by tomorrow morning’s papers, this won’t even be a story any more, and he’ll look even lamer for bringing it up.

“Face it — he’s become a foot-Newt!”     

Now that’s funny.

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6 Responses to Are We Ready?

  1. Polly Pundit says:

    “….“It’s crunch time for Gingrich…..
    No, I disagree. It lunch time, dinnertime, vacation time.
    But you are allowed to take your Capt’n Crunch

  2. Hose B says:

    This eerily reminds me of the early days of the Obama administration, when right-wing radio treated every word and action as a grievous transgression or insult. Remember when Glenn Beck claimed giving the queen of England an iPod was an “international incident” and proved that Obama was a socialist who hated America and was unfit for the job?

  3. 'Nonymous says:

    You guys are unbelievable. This perfectly illustrates the double standard liberals live by — when a conservative Republican says something like this it’s hate speech and racist and the MSM plays it up for weeks. When a liberal Democrat says it, it’s just good fun and satire. Every time. And you never admit it.

  4. Hugh Bris says:

    “We believe the joke was inappropriate.” — Olivia Alair Michelle Obama’s press secretary
    “We are not amused .” — Queen Victoria


  5. Inquiring Minds says:

    Why would Newton Leroy want the president to apologize? It wasn’t Obama who made the comment. Was Obama even there? And nonymASS, just to clarify for you……when a joke is made about one’s self (or others like ourselves) it’s satire. When you make a joke about others who are different than you in any way, especially a joke ment to be hurtful, that’s malicious. It doesn’t matter whether racist, sexist, eliteist or any ist.

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