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Are We Ready?

Citizens of the Republic!! Are you ready for your shocked-shocked moment of the week? “Callista Gingrich. Karen Santorum. Ann Romney,” he said. “Now do you really think our country is ready for a white first lady?” The crowd of big-dollar … Continue reading

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Pressure me at gunpoint to identify one indisputable area of superiority of women over men, I don’t hesitate.  It’s orgasms.   Further proof: Women may not need a guy, a vibrator, or any other direct sexual stimulation to have an … Continue reading

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Glitch: An Update

The annoying feature on this blog  (and others) that has irritated would-be commenters is actually a WordPress initiative! This thread suggests the problem is repaired.  I’m not convinced. Sorry, very sorry for the inconvenience which is beyond my control (and … Continue reading

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Ultimately, It’s About the Gas

Well into Saturday night, out with friends to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with traditional Black and Tans, it occurred to me that if the English and the Irish got along as well as Bass and Guinness, the British Isles would … Continue reading

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I’ve learned that readers attempting to post comments find themselves blocked by a screen with the following message: That email address is associated with an existing account, please log in to use it. I know neither know this means … Continue reading

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Death and Texas

No individual state in the union has a monopoly on the weird and grotesque — hell, as Floridians, we see more than our share up close and personal — but lately Texas is distinguishing itself.  Even while they’re shoving transvaginal … Continue reading

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Doonesbury Update: Abort Retry Censor

Follow this link to today’s strip, which I suspect is the one the Miami Hurled has removed from the comics page. (I can’t say for sure because neither my  Hurled nor my NY Times  was delivered this morning.  The Times … Continue reading

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