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Bestest and Brightest

Do you remember this incident involving the late Supreme Court Justice Lewis Powell? The Supreme Court is a wild card in the same-sex marriage debate. Lawyers widely believe there would be four justices on each side, leaving Justice Anthony M. … Continue reading

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Fat Puss

For context, please read yesterday’s post before this one…. Meow, the 39-pound cat from New Mexico who made national headlines in his quest to lose weight, has died. Meow gained national attention last month after he was abandoned by his … Continue reading

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Fat Chance

Saved this for after Mothers Day: Four out of five black women are seriously overweight. One out of four middle-aged black women has diabetes. With $174 billion a year spent on diabetes-related illness in America and obesity quickly overtaking smoking … Continue reading

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He Says a Mouthful

While the entire essay is worth reading, his conclusion stands out: For me, eating meat is ethical when one does three things. First, you accept the biological reality that death begets life on this planet and that all life (including … Continue reading

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Not My Peers

I request excuse from jury duty, explaining I am psychologically unfit and would be unable to afford a shred of credibility to any statement or testimony spoken by a judge, lawyer, police officer, or expert witness.  They deny my request, … Continue reading

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Naked Truth

Hey, Florida!  According to Men’s Health Magazine, we like us some PORN!! Most porn films may be shot in the L.A. area, but their biggest audience is in Orlando. We know what you’re thinking: How can the home of G-rated … Continue reading

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This story hasn’t received the attention it deserves, despite Bob Norman’s excellent presentation: Dania Beach Mayor Pat Flury doesn’t like the humorous Cahoots newspaper — so she went after the publisher at a recent commission meeting. Flury called it a … Continue reading

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Help Me Out Here, Readers

My first thought: “48 Hours.” Then, maybe “Duck Soup.” Is “Where’s Waldo” a movie? Driving Miss Daisy? Help me out here, fans.  Tomorrow we’ll do this with song titles.

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Back to Basics

We are up late Sunday at the Liquor and Rubber Balls Sports Tavern and Liposuction Center watching the last-place Phillies kick the crap out of the first place Nationals.  The league is upside down at the moment, so charting the … Continue reading

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To Kill Ya

I started to write, “Not only is it Friday, it’s Cinco de Mayo Eve!”…… when it occurred to me that I’d written exactly that line once before.  So I went rummaging through the mildewed archives and discovered the following from … Continue reading

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