Hodge Podge

Wow.  I got nothin.’

Like that stops me.  And look at the patriotic graphic!

(1)  Summer has arrived and it’s about fucking time.  But have you noticed how chilly the mornings are?  Guido and I are still waging pre-dawn war over the bedcovers, which serve the dual role of keeping us warm and discouraging mosquitoes.   Remember:  We live without air conditioning.  Average overnight room temperature: 86 degrees, but it drops just before dawn.   That’s about 10 -12 degrees short of body temperature.  No wonder we’re chilled.

(2)  I’ve kept the radio on constantly for a few weeks, celebrating the return of WSHE.  The station’s promotion is “10,000 songs, commercial free!”  I suspect that as soon as the commercials start back up, I’ll be back to the iPod.  Or merciful silence.  Listening to the play list, I remember now why WSHE went off the air years ago.  Friends don’t let friends listen to Journey, Phil Collins, or Def Leopard, let alone anybody named Billy (Squires, Joel, etc.).  I miss the 80s, let alone the 60s.

(3)  As the country in general grows stupider and less sophisticated, Florida leads the trend.  Just Google “Rick Scott” for proof.  But leaving politics aside, let’s look at eastern Broward County, where I park my ass, and its residents’ affection for fireworks.  All weekend long I have been treated to practice sessions as fireworks fans set off their toys, inspiring dogs to bark, cats to panic, and teeth to grind.  I hate fireworks, and lament the lack of a sensible deity who would blind and disable the rednecks and drunks who experiment with them in their back yards and driveways.  Fireworks are idiotic — and the imbeciles who set them off are almost always drunk when they do.  Am I the only one with a problem here?

(4)  Finally.  Everybody to whom I sent this youtube vid emailed me back to say how much they enjoyed it.  So here it is, in case you haven’t seen it.  Thanks, Madame E, for sharing.

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5 Responses to Hodge Podge

  1. Lu Senz says:

    Yeah, you got nothin.’ Like your Phillies, who leave town after getting swept by a team almost as inept as they are. Swept.

    They might have to do something radical to right that ship. I’m thinking massive dismantling, like unloading Hamels, Victorino, Polanco, and bringing in either very young talent or established free agent hitters with 5-8 years of playing time ahead of them. The elephant in the room is Howard.

    Odd beyond all observation that they’ve lost every single game since Utley rejoined the team.

    • Borkon says:

      philly.com as well as local talk shows are all over Hamels trade rumors. Jim Thome was traded to Baltimore. Chad Qualls was sent to hell. No, that’s not true, dammit: he went to the Yankees but I don’t care so long as he’s out of Philly.

  2. rbhexem says:

    I wouldn’t call “HER” nothing!!

  3. Will B. Donne says:

    WSHE is no better or worse than any mainstream FM radio station these days. The fact is, over-the-air commercial radio is a losing proposition. If not obsolete, it’s at least irrelevant. On the other hand, it’s free — so you get what you pay for.

  4. Diesel Fitter says:

    You can do lame posts like this any time so long as you include photos like that one.

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