“Snake Pliskin in my cab!”

Ernest Borgnine died.  He was 95.

Great actor, even if you include his embarrassing role in McHale’s Navy.  My favorite was the his part as the cab driver in Escape From New York.

Obit here.

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3 Responses to “Snake Pliskin in my cab!”

  1. rbhexem says:

    He had some pretty good roles in several films, but I’m not going to try and name any now.
    It’s too close to my bed time. But, ya, escape form New York was super cool.

  2. Diesel Fitter says:

    I loved Escape From New York. It had everything — action, humor, big tits, and even wrestling! Escape From LA wasn’t nearly as good but I liked it anyway.

  3. Kim Chee says:

    Great fucking photo. I do not know this old timer but his face has wisdom, power, character, and class.

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