Gunnin’ For to Carry Me Home

A Detroit woman who hugged an off-duty police officer this weekend died when his holstered handgun suddenly went off, WDIV Detroit reports.  Adaisha Miller, 24, began dancing with Officer Issac Parrish at a party, wrapping her arms around him, when the gun discharged and hit her in the lung and heart.  Parrish ” is very remorseful of the incident and the tragedy of this young lady losing her life,” said Detroit Police Chief Ralph Godbee.  —Newser

Just another good reason not to hang out with cops.  Let alone hug them.  Especially armed and stupid ones, of whom there are too many.

Did you ever wonder how many Americans are shot dead by cops each year?  Keep wondering.  Those data are not available.

 Want detailed information on how many people were shot by police in the United States last year?  That’s not so easy to find.

The nation’s leading law enforcement agency collects vast amounts of information on crime nationwide, but missing from this clearinghouse are statistics on where, how often, and under what circumstances police use deadly force. In fact, no one anywhere comprehensively tracks the most significant act police can do in the line of duty: take a life.

“We don’t have a mandate to do that,” said William Carr, an FBI spokesman in Washington, D.C. “It would take a request from Congress for us to collect that data.”

Congress, it seems, hasn’t asked. — LasVegasReviewJournal

Well, hell.  If you can’t trust the cops, who can you trust?  Besides everybody else.   Here’s another report from an independent source in 2007:

Instead of treating off-duty shootings as matters deserving rigorous inquiry, a [Chicago] Tribune investigation found that Chicago police officials have viewed the shootings as administrative issues and treated officers with deference.

In some of those off-duty cases, the officers were drinking at bars and nightclubs. Some were in traffic disputes. Others were quarreling over women or fighting in the street.

About one quarter of police shootings each year occur while officers are off duty, out of uniform and often engaged in nothing that resembles police work, according to an eight-month Tribune investigation of police shootings of civilians over the past decade. Yet those officers rarely face serious punishment.  Chicago Tribune

I went here to see what I could find, but came away empty.  Maybe somebody else can do a better job.

Here in the nation’s dicktip, where the NRA owns the hearts and minds of the public (not to mention the asses of the governor and legislature), the suggested solution is to arm the population.  Stand Your Ground and all that.  The best defense against an armed off-duty cop is concealed weapon, especially in a bar, church, or on a college campus.  After all, a well-armed society is a polite one.  People don’t act rude while bleeding to death.

In any event, I recommend not hugging cops unless they’re naked.  At least that way, if and when they shoot, it probably won’t be fatal, just sticky.

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8 Responses to Gunnin’ For to Carry Me Home

  1. 'Nonymous says:

    Gosh this sounds familiar. So I guess when you need emergency help or get mugged you don’t dial 911, you call a hippie or a lawyer or something.

  2. 60s Radical says:

    Not all cops are heros.
    Simple solution: No cops should have guns. Problem solved.
    Simpler soloution: Have no cops. I don’t need no stupid cops.
    No cops, no problem. Don’t worry, be happy.

    • Lois Terms says:

      That doesn’t sound like a solution. Go back to the 60s and try again. As for those of us in the real world, we need a police force with less politics and better training.

    • Lois Terms says:

      Yes, but barely. It’s a full-time slog in the mud for the politicians, and I have bills to pay.

      • 60s Radical says:

        Democracy is not a spectator sport.
        You have to work and vote for what you want or take what you get.
        Otherwise, we get the government they deserve.

  3. Camiel Toe says:

    “I recommend not hugging cops unless they’re naked.”

    Dear boy, I concur completely, and have done so with law enforcement agents of both genders, sometimes simultaneously. Life Lesson: When it comes to hugging the police, it’s preferable they be cuffed than armed.

    • Mr. Mirth says:

      Last time you hugged a naked cop, you were cuffed and charged with assault with a dead weapon and attempted arm robbery.

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