Trust Them

There’s this email going around about how honest, transparent, and trustworthy is our Mittney, not like that unmentionable socialist Muslim who wasn’t even born in America — and did you notice that he’s Black?

* sigh *  Okay.  But:

Romney contended that he had “no role” at Bain after 1999 when some of its companies went bankrupt, shipped jobs overseas and fired workers. He remained the firm’s chairman of the board, C.E.O., president and only stockholder until 2002. Other than that, he had nothing to do with the place. — Maureen Dowd, NYTimes

And unlike his daddy George, who released 12 years of tax returns when running for the presidency in 1968, this Mittney has drawn the line at two.  Not that he has anything to hide.  Even though that email (which I will not reproduce: FGI) assures us that “he will release his tax returns.”

Hey, write down your Duh Of The Week:  People believe what they want to.  You think this plasticine piece of corporate-speak is straightforward and upstanding, you happily swallow all this.  It’s fine.  He’s your guy.  You can afford the ‘Pub platform and way of life.  I can’t.

But remember, a lot of supposedly intelligent people bought that brainless “Hope and Change” bullshit, too — enough to put BHO behind the wheel for 4 years, and where did it get us?  A bit past where we might have been–he gave us RomneyCare —  but nowhere near he promised.  That’s because he promised beyond his power.  ‘Way beyond.  Also because he’s essentially an obsequious  middle of the road moderate ‘Crat.  And some of you sent him money!

HA!  You didn’t know?  No wonder you’re a whining heartsick liberal.

So here it is, 2012.  And here we go again.

Hey — just for the record, Jill Stein, M.D., is running for President on the Green Party ticket.  You vote in Florida?  Remember Ralph Nader?  Just askin’.

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5 Responses to Trust Them

  1. E.O. Hippus says:

    I know the email your’re referring to — I got it, too. It reads like the usual election-year spin, and I know that a closer look at most of the items shows how less than marvelous they really are. Like “donating his entire inheritance.” That would be really admirable, I guess, if the reasons weren’t that he was already amazingly wealthy by that time, and needed a tax deduction.

  2. The Obvious says:

    I have two words to say…. We’re Fucked! In light of the Colorado shootings they all want gun control now. Since when do criminals follow the law and have gun control? Its now time to get your gun and stock up on ammo before you cant buy either one.

    • Dawgbowl says:

      Good point, Oblivious. And what’s up with those stupid speed limit laws? Lots of people go as fast they please all the time. Speeders don’t follow the law.

    • Living Will says:

      I wouldn’t worry too much, Obvious. There is no political appetite to challenge the NRA. The Republicans are in bed with them, and the Democrats are afraid of them. Play with your piece to your heart’s content.

  3. Rightwingnut says:

    “…and did you notice that he’s Black?”
    Interesting. So, was his mother “Black?”
    He was raised in a “Black” family in a “Black” Hawaiian ghetto.
    Please stop trying to make him “the other.”

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