On the 99% by the Author of 1984

For the first time, the collected diaries of George Orwell have been made available in print.  This entry caught the eye of the reviewer:

The Occupy movement will seize happily upon this line, from June 3, 1940, when Orwell responded in his diary to a letter in The Daily Telegraph lamenting that the rich would have to part with their cooks during the war: “Apparently nothing will ever teach these people that the other 99 percent of the population exist.”


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3 Responses to On the 99% by the Author of 1984

  1. 'Nonymous says:

    No surprises here. A committed Socialist, Orwell spend his entire career stirring up class warfare. He’d be a perfect role model for the Occupy creeps, except he always held a job.

    • Dawgbowl says:

      Nonymous gets it all wrong again. Calling Orwell a socialist overlooks his career spent exposing and bashing totalitarianism and bureaucracy as much as inequality. If pointing out the enormous discrepancies in British society between rich and poor “stirs up” class warfare, then he’s as guilty as FDR and Gandhi.

  2. Ed Darrell says:

    Class warfare? Orwell is required reading for the 1% — warning of what socialism might bring. Model for the 1%? Except, of course, he always held a job, unlike, say, Mitt Romney.

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